Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March 31st photos to celebrate Spring on the West Coast

Grape Hyacinth blossoms are abound along the Quay.
 I think this is an anemone blossom, love the bottle brush centre.
 Lovely checkerboard flowers.
 This is a witch hazel plant with white bottlebrush blooms.
 Tulips, forget me not and pansies along this stretch.
 Love this traditional tulip shape bloom.
 Is this not beautiful?
 Some of the trees are yet to burst into leaf.
 More lovely tulips.
 Grape Hyacinths below the rose bushes.
 Lovely delicate mauve/pink accents on this bloom.
 Orange/red and yellow blossoms.
 A centre flower bed crammed with Hyacinths.
This blossom has already gone to seed!
Crowding each other for space.
Check out the busy bee inside the blossom.
Love mix of colours.
Today is April 1st and we have more gorgeous sunshine to enjoy the blossoms.  Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March BOM done.

Yesterday I sat down and got my two remaining BOM done.  First up is the Buttermilk Basin March Mystery BOM.  If you want the pattern you can go and click here for the pattern.
Here is a closer look at my bee, some of my bullion knots are a bit slim for the queen, but I like how she looks on her hive.
 Here are the three block so far, January is the sheep, February the flower and March the beehive.  I'm really liking the direction Stacy West is going with these; thanks Stacy.
 The other one I'm working on is actually another Ornament called Snow Happy, but I'm doing it as a wool on cotton block.  You can find all the ornaments from Bunny Hill Designs if you click here.  I love the expression on his face, I chose the line mouth rather than the suggested French knots.  You can't see the eye on the sheep as I forgot to stitch it.  He is supposed to have a closed eye, so you just can't see it on the black!
 Here are the January angel, February friends with a heart and March with lamb blocks. Done before the end of the month Yeah!
I'm still working on my collaboration of the projects from the Buttermilk Basin Spring Thyme Blog hop into a single project.  Not yet finished, maybe for Easter.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ornament of the Month...

I joined an online Wool Applique group and Trish Harriman is designing an Ornament of the Month for us.  If you aren't a member of the group you can order an ornament pattern or kit from her shop Attic Heirlooms.   She offers the pattern free for the current month so if you go to the link you can still get the March block.

Here is my interpretation of the January block.  Growing up we always had blue and green ornaments on the tree so that is going to be the background colour of all my ornaments. 
 February was this cute mitten one, Trish put 3 small rusted bells on her sample.
 February was a star, as you can see I've decided to add some snowflakes to each of the ornaments.  I also made the hangar about half height.
 Here are my first three ornaments.  Are they not too cute?

Monday, 23 March 2015

World Quilting Weekend, Sakura and Magnolia blossoms on a rainy weekend.

In East Vancouver there is a street that is amazing each Spring.  Unfortunately our Spring started as a rainy weekend although Saturday had some lovely sunshine.  Located just north of East 1st Avenue and Windermere Street is this lovely two block stretch of flowering Star Magnolia and Cherry trees.
Looking west under the Magnolias you can see the pink of the Cherry trees at the bottom of the hill.
 Across the intersection of Windermere you can see the cars parked under the Cherry Trees and one Magnolia on the right through my windshield.  It was raining and I didn't want to block traffic by getting out of the car to take pictures.
 Driving up the hill you can see how the trees have been peched to arch over the road.  They have been battered by the wind and rain over the weekend and are dropping their petals like pink snow.

These trees have been here for more than fifty years, I love the interesting shapes to their trunks and branches.
 Grey with a touch of blue sky beyond the shades of soft pink.
 Check out the size of that trunk and how the centre branches have been trimmed to shape the tree.
 A few blocks away an incredible pink Camellia tree.  There are several spectacular ones in this neighbourhood and a pink Magnolia behind it.
 Looking back down the street offers a different perspective of the trees.
 Just gorgeous and breath taking.  Cherry trees are planted in many neighbourhoods in the city.
 The blossom are huge!
 Saturday to celebrate World Quilting Day I decided to start a new wool project.  I used a piece of Osnaburg cotton as a template.  I traced the edge of my design and then 3/4" in a second line to show an edge of what is going to be made.
 I interviewed several turquoise wool fabrics including a plaid but decided on this softer mottled one and a strip of green plaid.  I basted the fabrics onto my base and then stitched the ink lines to give me areas to work within.
 My first piece of stitching was using a variegated shades of green to join the green to the turquoise wool
I've added some motifs to the project but you will have to wait and see what comes...what is your guess?

Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy First Day of Spring and Happy Birthday Dad

Today is the anniversary of my dad's birthday so thoughts are about him today.  My spring wreath hanging on the front door that I made several years ago.
 Birthday tulip quilt designed by my friend Ethel Snow and made by her and two other friends Tricia Brown and Linda Rothe.
 Spring Block swap made with Debbie Matthews, Shona Kelly, Tricia Brown, Ethel Snow and myself in order of the rows made.
 New Spring wool fabrics arrived today, Brights on the left and Sparkles on the right with larger cuts of sky blue and midnight blue.
 A bit closer look at my Spring treat to myself from Dorr Mills.  Love those Brights and those Sparkles!
A picture from last week looking out at our pond in the courtyard.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Stitching some Freebies!

I have several blogs I visit on a regular basis and one of these is Wollensails. She has a lovely design aesthetic and is a very sharing person. Several weeks ago she shared a lovely needle punch design as a Monday Freebie; click here to go to it. 
As you can see I decided to do mine in wool.  Not sure what it will be in the end but I'm pleased with how it turned out in wool.  Here is a closer look.
I also collected most of the patterns from Buttermilk Basin's Spring Thyme blog hop. Today is the release of her latest Mystery BOM; I just printed if off to add to my to do list.

This design was offered by Quilts by Cheri; Here is the link to the project.  I chose to add stems to my leaves and use a smaller button on mine.
This next bunny was also part of the Spring Time Blog Hop and is from Jeni's blog from the Willow. Here is the link for her pattern.  Once again I went a bit brighter with my colours.  I'm not sure if I'm going to add the grass fringed border when I finish mine off.
There are several stitchery and other wool projects that were featured but as we are winding down Winter and enjoying Early Spring blossoms I thought I would share what I stitched over the weekend.  And to finish off this post my favourite picture so far taken on February early bee enjoying some pollen gathering time.