Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I got Mail!

I got a surprise in the mail yesterday.  An envelop with this book inside.  Paulette from Sweet P Quilting and Creations had been to Calgary and went to a sale. She spotted this book and knew who to buy it for.  She actually told me it was in the mail but I didn't know which one until I opened the envelop yesterday.
 Imagine my surprise when I cracked the book and saw this dedication.  I e-mailed my thanks to Paulette and she admitted that she had not looked inside so talk about a charmed gift.
 I also got a box with these bobbins from Superior Threads.  You can buy the donuts individually or as a pair.  I also found the Test Bobbins which have some imperfect winds and samples.
 All the red bobbin and from the white grey through the orange plus some more neutrals were in the bag.  There are about 50 bobbins in the bag.  I'm set up for hand applique for quite some time.  They are Masterpiece Cotton thread and lovely to use.
Heading off to my Wool group this morning will share pictures soon.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Buttermilk Basin Let It Snow.

This Month we were gifted with two blocks from Buttermilk Basin's Mystery Block of the Month.  First was a snowman in a snowflake filler.

Next was the Letter I.

Here they are side by side.

 And here are all the blocks thus far.  I decided to change up the background for the filler block.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Friday Night Finish on Happy Days BOM by Sarah Fielke.

Friday night I finished off the last of the border blocks along with the half block and paired them up for some pictures.  Each one has a different black and white background print.  This first pair are the darkest of the prints.  The top one is a Parisienne inspired print and the bottom different stars.
 Top a garden and bottom leaf prints.
 Top a linear print I used already as an applique background and bottom an asterisk inspired print.
 Top a small polka dot print and bottom musical notes.
 This is the corner block another darker star print.
 Here are all the blocks thus far.
Now to start cutting and piecing some of the larger 12" blocks and 24 6" blocks.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

 Choosing some of the backgrounds that will be part of the Happy Days quilt.  Next up is the border blocks that are finished at 6 x 12.  I prepped some of the leaves and chose two fabrics for the bias.
 First two finished side by side.
 A closer look at the green version.
 And the pink, green and yellow version.
Here they are on the design wall along with the finished 12 in applique blocks.
Now to make six more of the border blocks and one half block.  Back to the hand applique and planing the one.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wednesday finish.

Tuesday afternoon I  finished stitching the bird block and started on the tulips and hearts block. I changed up the position of the bird's wing to make him/her look like she just landed on the branch.
 I finished it Wednesday afternoon.
 I'm having fun choosing fabrics for this project.  If you look the bird appears to have an eye nicely placed.
 I think I like the horizontal orientation for the background for the tulips and hearts but will decide when all the blocks are finished.
 Hard to get a picture of the two blocks side by side due to their size but you get the picture.
 I also got a nice surprise in the mail on Tuesday.  Stacy West from Buttermilk Basin gave Anna Bates from The Woolie Mammoth blog some patterns for some giveaways and I was a lucky winner the last go around.  Thanks Stacy and Anna!   Also congratulations to Anna as a new contributor to the Daily Blog as Anna and G On the Road.  Her first post was yesterday.
Off to prep some of the border blocks from Month two.  Working backwards to catch up!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Monday evening...starting...

A new BOM by Sarah Fiekle. I first saw it on her blog The Last Piece.  First as a pen and ink drawing and later as blocks started popping up on Instagram.  I decided to jump into the pool.  But I'm starting with Month 3 first.  Two applique blocks both are 12" finished.  Got them prepped and ready to sew.  I prefer freezer paper and starch method of applique.  Sarah is a needle turn gal.
 When I saw this bird I knew I had to jump in.  He/She has a wing that will also be added.  I've decided to stick with my black and white backgrounds as I've been cutting into them.  The star one I have a limited amount and will only use in this quilt, unless I have some small bits that won't work.
Off to stitch down some green branches.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Started on Monday...

Quilted, bound and labeled tonight.  Fastest turnaround ever.  Thanks Cheri Payne for a fun design.