Thursday, 28 August 2014

Meet "The Stuffers"

I belong to the Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild and for many years a group of ladies would gather together on the last Tuesday of the month to fold our newsletter, label envelopes and stuff the newsletter into the envelopes in preparation for mailing.  At one time we had over 400 members between our night and evening chapters.  After many years they passed the responsibility onto another group of ladies but continued to meet every month from August through May for a pot luck lunch, show and share and support to many life changes within the group.  Whenever I was on vacation I would come and join these ladies whose place in our guild has been very significant.

Now we no longer have a paper newsletter sent out but an electronic one via e-mail.  This past Tuesday we got together for the first get together for lunch and some show and share.  This first lovely quilt is by Cher, she is going to donate it to the Cops for Cancer Tour de Valley next month.  Check out our guild page to see some of the events we are involved in.
 Here is the back of Cher's quilt, I love how she worked with a second guitar print to make a back large enough.  She does all her own machine quilting.
This next quilt is by my friend Rita, she found the bear panel and decided to add some bear paws to the bottom along with some borders to make this for her daughter and son-in-law's new home.
 Rita is also going to teach this log cabin Christmas wreath to a group this year.
 Sorry I don't recall who made this snowball and nine patch quilt.
 Donnamae was gifted by this kit by two friends who went on a cruise to Alaska with her.
 This is one of two embroidered snowman quilts that Loraine stitched, the other one is larger and I didn't get a picture of it.
 Part of a larger quilt that was made into smaller units.
 A Jinny Beyer's inspired top with circular quilting by Nancy I think.
 A flannel rag quilt that was made in our hottest, driest July ever by Anna Marie.
More to come but not until after the guild meeting as it is a secret along with a gift to be delivered in October to a very lucky little boy.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Fest 2014

Yesterday Columbia Street in New Westminster was the second annual Food Truck Fest. Last year there were 15 trucks and they expected 10,000 people and 20,000 showed up.

This year 50 trucks were invited. They closed Columbia Street from 6th Street to McBride. This first picture is from top of Columbia looking down towards 6th Street.

My friend Rita and I arrived shortly after the event started at 4 p.m. On this warm sunny Saturday.

Down the centre of Columbia street tables and chairs were set up for dining. There were also three beer gardens to enjoy.

Rita and I decided on trying out one of the several BBQ trucks she had beef brisket and I had a pulled pork sandwich. We headed over to one of the beer gardens and joined a couple at their table. Later another friend of Rita's and her husband joined us.

Some of the graphics on the trucks were amazing. Lots of families and dining of all styles were available to choose from.

Vij's Curry Art in Motion was a very busy place. Maybe next time, one of the couples had a dish for there that looked great.

Turkey Sandwich aka Strutter is finished!

A closer look at the long feather buttonhole stitch I did.

Another pincushion stitched, I may make it into a little quilt.

A redesigned Buggy Barn pincushion, I may make it into a needle case.

They were very generous with their fabrics, I still have an equal size piece of fabric for a backing.

Another Buggy Barn pincushion this one is on velvet and will also be redesigned. I may make a small pincushion with the left over fabric.

Again very generous with the velvet and a backing also supplied.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

The birds arrived north of the border today.

Meet the flock, remember the Murder of Crows I sent off?  Well look who flew home to roost.
 This first one was made by Mary Lou Weidman our creative inspiration.  She already has her flock sewn together here.  I'm sure she will probably add some fun borders to finish it off.  Love the blue word fabrics at the top of her piece.
 Camille Vlasak made this one with the colourful tail.
Edie Faile made this colourful bird, lovely all those wavy lines.
Beth Stanton made this one with the colour tail feathers and skinny legs.

 Deb Green created this red one and sent a button along for it's eye.
 Rebecka Schaffer made this one.  She has posted a picture of how she put our watering can and flower swaps together here.  I think her plan is to add the birds and stars to the top.  More words on fabric, a hook for me right now.
 Carol Haueter made this one, love the eyes, the head feathers, the feet.
Katie Fields had fun with polka dots.  It is hard to see but the white fabric has blue tie dye effect on it.
 Claire McFarlane made this guy his beak and wing are 3-D. Love those fussy cute red and green legs.
 Mary Graves made this one that looks like it is flapping it's wings like mad.
Maybe because it thinks this guy by Linn Jencopale is going to nip it's bottom.
 Leanne Clare made this teal beauty with the lovely striped tail.
And watching over them all is one of the crows that I made.  Hey Linn used a darker colourway of my background in her bluebird's body!
Welcome to the flock and thanks to everyone who participated this was a great exchange.