Saturday, 20 March 2010

Today is the first day of Spring! It is also the anniversary of my father's birthday. Last Saturday I went to a rug hooking show, the acorn rug below was done by my friend Sandi Hill.Another friend Debbie Matthews made the sleeping cat.
Sandi Hill hooked the quilters.
Later that day I went and looked at the abundant Spring flowers already blooming This green iris caught my eye.
This three headed daffodil was showing off.
There are lots of grape hyacinths blooming below the rose bushes.
I love the pink and blue contrast against the green in this photo.
More delightful daffodils in full bloom. Some of the local growers had some blooming since the beginning of January!
This daffodil looks like it is having a bad hair day.
This morning the skies were clear and blue, the cherry blossoms have been in bloom for more than a week in my courtyard.
This hellebore had a ladybug checking it out.
More daffodils and hellebore.
This eagle flew by and then rested on top of the local hotel down on the quay. I had seen him earlier when I was having breakfast, but he flew away before I could photograph him. There is often a second one keeping him company.