Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

I can't believe the New Year is here, this past year seems to have flown by quicker than usual.
 Several years ago I was tempted to buy this angel but didn't.  I'm glad I took a picture and sent this to a few friends and family this year.
 I made this 8" mini snowman snowflake quilt several years ago and decided he needed to be shared with quilting friends.

Each year I try and chose a word and on Facebook one could be chosen for you and this speaks to the year I had so I will chose it for 2019 as Mindfulness was my word last year and it proved to be one I needed to heed throughout the year.
 Christmas Eve I received two more stars this time from South Korea.  She decided to add some dark black navy tones and I rather like the effect.
 When I go to put them together I'll sprinkle a bit through the quilt.
 Such a pretty card.
 I got an email from my friend Anna on December 10, saying she had mailed a parcel.  We were having a postal dispute and the mail was very disrupted.  Imagine my surprise when a parcel arrived at my door on the 13th!  I did wait until Christmas morning to open it up.  I'm planning on framing this gorgeous card.
 I gasped recognizing this grey textured wool.  We both bought some from Olympic Wools when we visited in Portland.  At first I thought she had sent me a piece of the wool but when I opened up the wrapping and turned it over this is what I found.
 She also shared a family picture of her sons and their families. I think I've met all but Wylie her bigger grandson.
 She spoiled me with some wonderful trims.
 Anna finds the best Christmas envelops to send things in.
 Between the Customs label and the mailing label it was hard to get a good photo.  Love the CHEESE happy face with the candy canes.
 Christmas Eve I usually take my mom for a drive to see lights.  Sadly she had a fall in June and has had to move into a Seniors Care Home.  Luckily nothing was broken but she can no longer live alone. It's tricky getting in after dark so I did the tour and took a lot of pictures to share with her.
 These are from some of the uptown homes in her area.

 There are some wonderful Heritage Homes in this area called Queeen's Park.

 This is in the uptown shopping area where she used to live and walk to almost every day.
 I always love the snowflakes they decorate the mall with.
 Evening the Savings company dressed up.
 New Westminster dresses up the city nicely.
 This is the Downtown area, it is about 300' lower than Uptown over less than a mile.
 The downtown tree.
 Walking along the quay was very calming and quiet.  The Winter Flowering Verbena has been flowering since early November and will continue until April!
 Love the blurred lights from across the river behind the branches.
 More stars.
 This condo had a light that changed and I love how the colour spread onto the tree.
 Boxing Day morning walk showed fresh snow on the local mountains.  A view I never tire of.
 Verbena in the daylight.
 Love this shot against the blue sky.
Morning view thru the lobby on December 31st.
 Drove up to Burnaby Mountain to see the view of the north shore mountains.  We've had a lot of rain and windstorms that have hidden them from view.
 Looking west over to the north shore.  Stanley Park is that point on the left that you can see the Lion's Gate Bridge linking to the north shore if you look closely and English Bay beyond.
 The Lions as they are called.
 Can you see the pink hue to these trees!
 Cherry blossoms at the end of December.  No wonder we are called the Banana Belt of Canada!
 Stop[ed in at Big Star Sandwich Company.  They make the best Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich.  They started in New Westminster!
 The sun caught the mountains beyond the Patullo Bridge.  Not a great picture as a train was coming and I wanted to capture the view.
 I love taking screen shots of MagickMoods on Instagram.  This one gave me a chuckle as I do attract puppies.
 This alphabet is very inspirational.
 Words to live by.
May 2019 be all that you need to get you through the year.