Sunday, 23 September 2012

First weekend of Autumn and last weekend of Summer

Several years ago I used to make mohair teddy bears, this little guy is completely hand stitched and represents the season of Autumn.  I also made ones for each of the other seasons that I will share as they arrive.
 Our last weekend of Summer was a lovely warm sunny one and I took advantage to take some photographs along the quay.  A lot of bugs were out enjoying the day.
 I like the colours in this pink and white dahlia.
 These marigolds had a housefly checking them out.
 I'm not sure what this long tailed insect was, but it let me take it's picture before flying off.
 The sunflowers looked amazing framed by the blue sky.
 Saturday morning we woke up to dull, cloudy skies, the water was from sprinklers, not rain but made for pretty accents on the flowers.
 I love the colours this oak leaf hydrandea turn in the Autumn.
 The witch hazel leaves are starting to turn.
 An unusual coloured lady bug.
 Fushias still blooming prettily.
 Water droplets on a marigold.
 Morning glory changing colours.
 Verbena with it's tiny florets.
Enjoy the coming season, I know I do.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Two Quilt Shops, a quilt, some collectibles, and a gift!

After spending the night in Centralia we continued down I-5 to Springfield Oregon.  Something to Crow About is a lovely quilt shop a few miles off the inter-state highway.
 It is just filled with interesting corners of quilts, samples and fabrics.  I love the mix of old plank floors with the brick.
 Peeking around a corner to the centre cutting and cashier area.
 They have a bit of everything, some cute stitchery samples.  They reference almost every sample with where and how to find the book or pattern.
 Unfortunately my flash didn't fire for this sample.
This cow pin cushion is just too cute to pass up especially after just finishing my Out of the Box Mary Lou Weidman cow quilt.  Aren't those polka dots cute?
 More wools samples along with some patterns.
 Farther below 54" bolts of wool for sale by the yard!  They have an on line store here
 More wool samples to choose from.
 In their class room a Christmas quilt was hiding behind a roll of batting.
 Outside the store you see a barn quilt block, I forgot to take a picture outside of the shop.
 An almost buy, I like the two colour pattern.
 Next stop was back to Portland and a quick visit to Fabric Depot, sorry no pictures but check it out if you are in the area or shop their on line store.

Pioneer Quilts is one of my favourite shops in the area.  This is my third visit to the shop and will not be my last.  Most quilt shops are not open on Sunday in Oregon, but I found out they are.
Inside this large friendly staff shop there are some amazing samples.  Sue Spargo quilts and samples adorn the wall next to a Kaffe Fasset sample.
 Batiks are seen in the neighbourhood of wools banners.
 More interesting contrasts of samples and fabrics.
 Don't you love the small baskets surrounding this larger flower basket medallion. I like how all the baskets are not framed by the oversize rick rack.
 A brighter version of an almost Amish basket an flying geese sampler.
 If you want to find a basket pattern this is definitely the shop to check out.
 And another.
 Two more samples of the same pattern in different fabrics.
 Another contrasting pair. These ones were found in their large classroom are.
 Back into the main shop and another Sue Spargo along with some hand dyed wool.
 What a lovely primitive quilt.  Check out Pioneer Quilts here  if you are ever in the area, there is a nice hotel just around the corner to stay at. 
Back on the I-5 and heading North a quick antique fix at Kalama Washington.  I love crescent moons facing this direction.
 This shop was getting into the witching hour with a ghoulish wedding.
 In Kalama I found this lovely quilt top. 
 The top is rectangular and covers the top of my queen size bed.
 The individual blocks were hand pieced and then the larger blocks were machine sewn together.
 Another fun find I got along the way.  These two turquoise Melamine creamers.
 And this cup and ?soup bowl were $1.00 each.
 A potato peeler for the same price in good condition.
 A covered cream and sugar priced at a whopping $2.00.
 Back home I matched my tall creamer with a Midwinter bowl, the colour doesn't quite match but they make an interesting set.
I found this pewter pin and my mom bought it for me, the swirl says "protect this woman."
 When I arrived home I found this waiting for me.  Back in August Lynn had a give away to win this pattern she designed.  Her dog Zinnie picked the treat with my entry number on it.  Check out her photos of the completed top on her blog here  She has a wonderful sense of design her quilting is quite amazing.  Thanks Lynn!