Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Catching Up

I came across this cartoon and it’s amazing how true it is. We’re known for having a lot of rain, hey we live in a rainforest!  But we do have four seasons and we do get snow in the Winter also.
 My friend Anna Bates from Woolie Mammoth Blog. Got me hooked back into doing cross stitch after 20+ years or so.  This was a little chart I found called the Sleeping Bee. It was meant to have Z..z...z above the head but I chose to design a crescent moon and star.  This is my signature when I sign things I make.
 Trying to do this post from my iPad and for some reason it wants to turn some of my portrait pictures.  I’m going to try and rotate them. I had to use my desktop to fix these.

 But this was some of the snow we had in mid January which made cross stitching something to keep me busy.

 Another piece I got done.  When I calculated the fabric I needed I forgot to add the measurement to the bottom.  Oh well I’m not ripping it out I figure a way to finish it. Ye Old Crow Sampler by Heart in Hand.  I redesigned the bottom so I could get my SHH along with a moon and star into the design area.
 Signs of an early Spring perhaps.
 Witch Hazel sharing its winter beauty,
 I have to admit I’ve neglected my piece from my Sue Spargo workshop.
 Winter flowering Verbena is always so pretty and smells wonderful.
 The mountains looking lovely with the fresh snow.
 More snow pictures it lasted for about 3 days,

 The next day.
 These variegated crocuses are some of my favourite spring blooms.

Love this flower bed each spring it gives a lovely show.
 More winter flowering verbena.
 Something I wish didn’t happen.  My favourite restaurant has had to close because of the Covid-19 virus.  I went the day before to get some take out and became their last customer.  I’m missing their friendly faces and great food.  A few of the business closed down their seating and made things just for take out but sadly and for the health of all they’ve all closed.  The florist is still working reduced days and arranges safe distancing by delivering to the delivery dock and they walk away so you can pick up your order.  The City Avenue Market is doing a great job of keeping the shelves stocked and marking off safe distancing when in line up.  People are being courteous and maintaining distancing.

 More solid crocuses.
 Another finish Antique Bee Sampler by Elizabeth’s Needlework Designs. If you look closely you’ll see 03 2020 to the left of the centre motif at the bottom and SHHenschel to the right.
 Rhododendrons have been blooming since October.
 Cherry blossoms beginning to bloom.
 Social distancing and enjoying some banjo playing by a new resident on the quay.  He’s my friend’s new neighbour.
 Cherry blossoms in full bloom now.

 Beautiful heavy headed hyacinths bowled over by the weight.
A closer look.
 Blossoms growing out of the trunk, another sideways picture.  Boy I hope I can rotate these.
 Ducks in the pond. Generations have been nesting by the pool since at lease 2000.
 Love this piece full photo.
 Spring coming into full bloom.
 Daffodils and ornamental grasses.
 Beautiful magnolia blossoms.
 Always love this view.
 I’ve also been working on one of two BOM designed by Sarah Fielke.  This is A Little Wilderness. I’m using Grunge Hits the Spot backing fabrics.
 White magnolia in bloom.
 Today’s look at the courtyard cherry trees.
I have been working on Something's Fishy,  That octopus has about a zillion bullion knots around hime.
 I misplaced my shell base wool and of course I found it after I added the new pieces.
 This is a new cross stitch I'm working on I started adding the words and realize my two motifs framing didn't match up correctly so I had to do some reverse stitching.
I also am working on this guy.  He's a bit farther along but I ran out of the black that is used extensively.  Happily my floss order showed up yesterday and will be working on him again soon.
He has rather zombie looking eyes.  Can you see where I ran out, up halfway through that top left hand area. 

My new roommate.  His name is Wolk which means Cloud in Dutch.  After picking him up I took him for a drive.  He’s rather quiet but I think we’ll get along very nicely.
Stay healthy, social distance, remember to wash your hands and this to shall past soon.