Saturday, 28 April 2012

April Flowers and Hoochy Mama Bugs

I've been taking some photos over the past few weeks and finally sat down today to put some on line.  I love this checker board bulb, I'm not sure what it is called but it looks like it should be in a quilt.
 This lovely tulip that appears to floating is from my friend Rita's garden.
 Love the bumble bee centres on these flowers.
 These four tulip blossoms are from the same stem!
 A slightly closer look.
 Forget me knots in pink, blue and mauve tones.
 One of the first bees of the year.
 Here is another busy bee.
 A lovely magnolia.
 Another variety of magnolia.
 Just coming into bloom.
 The view from my condo a couple of weeks ago.
Some delicate bells blowing in the wind.                                                                                               
One of my checker board bulbs coming out of bud.                                                                             
 What a lovely two coloured tulip against some ornamental grasses.
 A visiting sea lion swimming up river with two other friends checking out the neighbourhood.
Another two coloured tulip with a bit of a ruffle to it's edges.                                                                 
 A peony coming out of bud.
 More two coloured tulips with a some water droplets.
 One of our rhododendrons in the courtyard.
Hoochy Mama Bug exchange blocks!                                                                                                  
 This bug is by Rebecka Shafer.
 Linda Lee Ahn sent along some bug buttons for us, thanks Linda.
 Deb Green made us selvage butterflies.
 A dragon fly by Sharon Buford.
 Carmen sent each of us a butterfly for her first swap!
I think Mari  Linfesty sent this bee.
 I think Claire Marland sent this dragon fly.
 Nancy McCain sent this chenille tailed dragon fly.
 I think this is a firefly buy by Gloria Gowan.
 This is the dragon fly I sent to the swappers.
Thanks to all the swappers, now to put them together as a quilt.  Thanks to Mary Lou Weidman for putting us all together with her online swap group!