Saturday, 19 February 2011

Spring Flowers putting on a lovely show!

The snowdrops and crocuses in my neighbour's garden are looking just lovely.  I love the contrast of the white and green against the purple and yellow in the afternoon sun.
 The crocuses look so delicate against the bare ground.
 This snowdrop looks to be putting on a ballet solo.
 How vibrant is this yellow!  Makes one think of Spring is just around the corner.
 This rhododendron always puts forth blossoms in February.
 More delicate white and yellow crocuses.
 One of my favourites, the pink flowering winter forsythia looks spectacular against the blue winter sky.
 Some of the delicate blossoms in a fuller bloom.
 Reaching out towards that beautiful sky.
 One last crocus battling to show off it's colour.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sock Swap

Mary Lou Weidman has an online group that I participate in.  Right now we are in the middle of a sock exchange.  I've just finished the last of my 18 socks.  I think they turned out rather well.
Earlier last year we did two other swaps, the first one was bee, which are on my old computer, that I still have to shift over and then we did an owl exchange.  These are the 12 owls that I swapped.
 I broke a bone in my foot this fall and haven't been able to get them together into quilt tops, but the collection of owls I have are rather fun.  I asked that they participants not add the feet because I want to put some into various positions in my quilt.
Now that I'm all healed I plan on organizing the bees and owls and getting the tops together...stay tuned!  Mary Lou, thanks for sharing your great patterns with us.  I can't wait to see your new book when it arrives.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Today is My Birthday!

Today is/was my birthday!  Just a year ago I celebrated it with friends watching the Olympic Torch as it was passed to another runner on a river boat on the Fraser river...hard to believe the time has passed.
Today I watched the lovely day through the window at work and then had a lovely dinner with my mom.  I received many e-mails and calls from family and friends.

Two friends sent me the same e-mail card that read...To the world you might just be one person, But to one person you just might be the world!   May you all find that one person who finds you to be the world!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wool Candy Treats!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I thought I'd share a few non-caloric treats I have just received.  The first is a "Candy Box" of Aurifil Lana Wool, they are the 35 spools in the white plastic case.  I liked them so much I decided to add some more, but when I look at this picture I realize I may have to go back for a few more in the red range.  They come from Tristan Threads in Richmond B.C., a suburb not far from where I live. 
 Next up are some lovely Wool Charm Squares from Primitive Gatherings in Wisconsin.  You don't get to choose the colours, they are a bit richer in tone in person.  I think they will work well into a couple of projects I have in mind to do.  I've received some kits from them and decided to order some samples to see what colours I'd like to expand in.
 I also received these lovely wool sets from Buggy Barn in Washington.  Once again, they are a bit richer in colour when you see them in person.  The textures within each colour range is lovely.  Deep Sea to the left and Royal Plum on the right.
 Also from Buggy Barn are Holiday Green and Marigold.
 Party Mix looks like it will have fun with Brights.
 This last group of fabrics are from my friend Sandi, from her collection of rug hooking wools.  She surprised me at our guild meeting today with them all bundled up with ribbon. 
The pale aqua across the top was wrapped around all these lovely fabrics.  Sandi knows I'm a sucker for Aqua, Pink and Yellow and made sure she included them in this group of fabrics.
So I must say I'm a happy camper about to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, I had today off to enjoy with friends and attend my guild meeting.  Tomorrow I work and then tomorrow evening I'm out for dinner with family.  Enjoy your day, I know I'm planning on it!