Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show 2018

We arrived at the Stitchin Post shortly after 7 a.m. to watch the firemen put the quilts on the exterior wall of the store.
 They hammer in the pushpins to keep the quilts in place.  Other quilts on display are hung on clotheslines using clothespins.
 These are made as part of the staff challenge.  I don't know what the theme was for this year.
 It can get quite breezy at times so they are well secured.
 Sometimes it takes more than one to get the quilt placed where it needs to be.
 They cordon off the sidewalk in case one of the tools is dropped while the hanging is in progress.
 Yes the fireman on the left did catch the purple quilt just after I snapped the picture.
 Still a few more quilts to be hung before the show opens at 8 a.m.
 Some antique quilts hanging available for sale.
 Next stop was the teacher's tent.  Anna and her husband G were allowed inside while they still were setting up the teacher's quilts.  I took these from outside.
 These are quilts by all the teachers who taught at the Quilters Affair.
 Freddy Moran was back once again teaching, that is her that is her Frieda Kahlo quilt second from the left.
 One of Ann Shaw wonderful quilts.
 Scott Hansen trees.
A doe had just walked ahead and here a buck was following.  I wonder if he is the one I saw a couple of years ago that had an encounter with possibly a car and had a broken antler.  Notice how his tongue is hanging out of his mouth.  Probably a bit brain damaged.
We then wandered around the town checking out some of the quilts.  love this basket quilt with all the different backgrounds and different reds, pink, and purples.
This one has a pretty grey and white polka dot background.
I think this person was a fan of Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
We slipped into on the the shops that was offering free donuts!
Some beautiful applique celebrating the Chronicles of Narnia book.
A Buttermilk Basin Christmas quilt.
Love the wonderful lettering on this piece.
Some amazing yellow yarrow.
Back in the instructors tent this one was made by Robin Long called For Elan (Musk) and his endeavours for flight to Mars she hopes to give it to him.  Her daughter did an internship and is currently employed at SpaceX.
Ron Appel, man quilting fame.
Ann Shaw.

Anna Bates was teaching Buttermilk Basin designs Bringing Home the Tree and
Give Thanks for quilters wanting to stitch with wool.
One of my favourite designers Tonye Belinda Phillips, I bought this pattern.
Violet Craft.
Deborah Boschert.
Laura Wasilowski.
Karla Alexander.
Another Karla Alexander.
Scott Hansen.
Scott Hansen.
Tonye Belinda Phillips.
Kathy Doughty
Love the big stitch detailed quilting on this.
Kathy is from Australia and uses the images from there beautifully.
Lynn Koolish.  Love that pink swirl.
Sue Spargo.
Next up will be the Cherrywood van Gogh exhibit and more quilts hanging in the show.

Friday, 20 July 2018

On The Road to Sisters

Day 2 started at Piece by Piece Quilt Shop in Eugene Oregon. This is one of my favourite shops in the area with it's Modern Quilt influences.
 Elizabeth Hartman Sea Creatures.
 Love this rainbow quilt on the brick wall.
 This quilt was made by Ken, I think it takes 14 different fabrics that you sew and cut to obtain the design.
 While waiting for the store to open I chatted with Jan and Teresa from the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  She was picking out fabrics for the above quilt with Ken.
 Next stop was Something to Crow About in Springfield Oregon. Sorry no pictures this visit.

A quick stop in Seamingly Creative in Sweet Home Oregon. This is a small multipurpose fabric shop with some great prices.

Then onto Finally Together Quilt Shop in Lebanon Oregon. Oh My! I can't believe I haven't been here before.  What is even more interesting is that the shop owner Paula is a cousin of my friend Lori's husband and they live in Bend.  She didn't want her picture taken but her shop is amazing.  Her row by row block can be a long horizontal or vertical strip or a large square.
 Fun musical fabrics on these spools of thread.
 This is a huge store packed to the rafters with wonderful projects and displays.
 Check out this antique case filled with fabrics.
 Reusing an old china cabinet and hutch.
 Another cabinet filled with fabrics.
 Quilts, notions, what do you need?
 The classroom is filled with old mismatched dining tables!
 I love this Violet Craft elephant in the grey colours.
 Quilt and old machines hung over the exit door.
 Exterior shop, love that laminated pictures of the fabric on the shelves.
 Next stop was The Stitchin Post in Sisters Oregon. Quick visit inside to look around because on show day you will need a shoe horn to get around.
 Love the Marmalade Dreams fabric line by Valori Wells.  She has taken over the management of the store from her mom and has changed the layout of the store.
 Cute whimsical village.
 Lots of wonderful quilts on display.
 Truly a quilter's delight to visit.
 Their previous 2016 and
 2017 Row by Row designs.  With the handover from Jean to Valori they didn't design a 2018 row.
 Scott Hansen from Blue Nickel Studios designed this great Christmas Tree quilt.
 More samples from Valori's Marmalade Dreams line.
 Got these orange batiks from Finally Together for my Curiosity Duck quilt.
 Something to Crow about has a wonderful wall quilt that she changed the blue jays to crows. I have to admit I don't think I would have bought this pattern had I not seen Kinnette's version that you can see here.
 Some yellow and oranges from Sew Many Quilts, sorry no pictures from my visit to the store. They moved to a new location which is a much brighter store.
 At Quiltworks I found these fun greens and the license plate. They didn't do a row this year as they were featured in Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler.
 Couldn't resist this pink polka dot set of tweezers/
 From Piece by Piece I got some yellows and neutral for my Sunflower Smile that will be arriving in the mail.  I didn't take a picture of their row but it is based on a line in the poem A Day Of Sunshine by Henry Wadsworth.
Oh, the picture of the bathroom was from a Motel 6!  I never would have guessed unless I saw it myself.