Thursday, 14 February 2019

Happy Valentine's Day and Snow Days on the New Westminster Quay.

This quilt top was the result of a heart swap I did with my Mary Lou Weidman yahoo group several years ago.  I went overboard making hearts and it has ended up a small twin size.  I have it prepped for quilting but haven't tackled it yet.
 Sunday morning a day late the snow started to fall with very fine flakes.  I went out and at times it was coming horizontally towards me hurting exposed flesh.  I saw at least 3 joggers along the walkways.
 This is facing east at the bend of the river.
 Looking west you can see the difference of the blowing wind.
 The witch hazel was starting to be covered.
 The yellow witch hazel is a bit more protected.
 Back looking from my condo.
 About an hour later.
 I went out around 10 pm and the road was covered and several cars.
 Lobby view.
 Outside about 10.
 About 4-5 inches in the protected area of our front driveway.
 Next day on Monday I went out for another walk.
 Lots on the witch hazel.
 This poor daffodil is up to it's neck.
 The Native Paddle wheeler at the dock.
 Spotted a Robin a humming bird buzzed in and out before I could snap the picture.
 Some more birds joining the robin, chickadees or sparrow, hard to see their marking and another robin.
 Startled by an eagle flying overhead.
 A few poking thru but the rest were basically buried.
 Love the blue in the sky and the green of the leaves on the palm.
 Lobby view lots of snow on the ice.
 Viewed from my condo.
 Looking across the river, you can hardly see the sidewalks in our courtyard but a few people have walked one of the paths.
 Wednesday Rita and I went for lunch at Angelina's, this tree looked amazing.
 More ice and snow on the river.
 A pigeon swooped by.
 Looking west along the river, the plowing stopped here so walking was a bit dicey.
 Rita's flowerbeds are covered.
 Snow starting to melt on the yellow witch hazel.
 Same with the orange.
 Rita and her two dogs walking, Cupcake looking back and Buddy moving forward.
 The mountains peeking out behind some low clouds.
 Even more snow melted in the half hour.
 Lovely colours.
 Snow on the winter flowering Viburnum.
 Love this picture.
 View from the walkway.
 Crow hanging out.
 More higher in the tree.
 Playing peek a boo.
 Day moon out.  When I enlarge this picture it's hard to see.
 Don't know if you can see the moon here.
 Lobby view things are melting.
 This car hasn't moved since the snow started or the ones behind.
 This morning it's about -3C with a high of 3C later with possibly some snow and rain.  More snow may arrive or maybe rain.
 Ice is melting in the ponds.
 You can see the top of the table.
 Working on my block 3 of Fresh Cut.  Stitched wool pieces on last night and then removed them along with the green crescent shape to the left as I misplaced and forgot to sew some of the cotton pieces.  Back to the drawing board later today.
Short attempt at showing the ice flowing down the river.  Hard to see the screen in the bright sunlight.  A helicopter flew over head but you'll get the idea.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

It's February!

I can't believe I haven't done any other posts this year. Yesterday was my birthday and I'd planned on doing one and instead went out and had an enjoyable day doing what I felt like doing.
 I shared this collage of some of our winter blooms that are already popping up.  We've had a dusting of snow and colder temperatures but nothing like the rest of Canada and the USA.
 Hence this popped up on Facebook, I saw Cherry Blossoms bursting forth on December 31st!  Definitely the earliest I can recall.  Today we are around -6 C or 20 F. We are seeing some ice floating along the Fraser River.
 This was about all the snow we've had fall on February 3rd.
 It was very cold and small flakes which got suspended in a spider's web on my deck.
 Interesting effect.
 Fresh snow on the mountains.
 The daffodils survived once again.
 Yellow Witch Hazel.
 I taught some friends how to make wonky stars.  The tiny one was made by me along with the two smaller ones on the bottom row.  I encouraged them to make theirs with 3 1/2" strips for a first go.
 January 21st I took these photos of the Blood Wolf Moon and then made a collage of them.
 Just after midnight I went out and took some more pictures this first one I used a flash.
 This one was hand held.
 I also go more fish to prep for Something's Fishy.
 And block three of Fresh Cut.
 I went for a visit to my friend Rita and her smaller dog Cupcake jumped up and pulled the quilt down when Rita left the chair.  She love cuddling with her brother Buddy.
 Rita had to make them move to sit down but they quickly decided it was nap time.
 I've been bouncing around on blocks one and two of Fresh Cut.  I'm waiting for certain colours of threads to arrive.
 I went overboard on the French Knots and Seed stitch on this block.
Time to get prepping my background for block 3 today.  Enjoy your Sunday.

My birthday snow has arrived, it started a few minutes ago!

Notice the ice on the upper and lower pools.

Still snowing another short video.
My friend Anna just posted this on Facebook, we're similar to Seattle but not quite.  Still lots of water and provisions in the stores.