Saturday, 21 January 2012

Heart Swap

I belong to the Mary Lou Weidman on line group and we are doing a Heart Swap for February.  I'm sending off twelve of these hearts and will get eleven different hearts back, plus one of my own.
 It was fun sewing the stratas together and then finding a fun fabric for the other side of the hearts.
You may be able to see that I have a white background with a very small red polka dot print on it.  I thing they will look great all put together.
Thanks Mary Lou for getting us all together for this swap.  I'm looking forward to the bee and bug swap up next.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Snowy Surprise.

Yesterday morning I woke up to grey skies and a skiff of snow in the courtyard.
 Almost 24 hours later and there is a winter wonderland outside my condo.  This arrived overnight and was a delightful surprise.
 Looking at the waterfall pool in our courtyard.
 Snow on the palm trees.
 What a lovely lacy effect on the trees.
 Looking over the gate into the courtyard.
 Walking east along the Fraser River.
 More lacy trees.
 The yellow witch hazel covered in snow.
 The orange witch hazel buried in snow.
 This looks like a spider emerging from the snow.
 The curly willow making some interesting designs...maybe inspiration for some stippling designs.
 Beauty berry covered in snow.
 Melting snow on the berries.
 Snow melting in the sunshine.
 Pincushion daisies showing their sunny side.
 Cyclamen weathering the snow.
 Witch hazel emerging from the melting snow.
 Walking west along the boardwalk.  They say we'll get some more snow tonight or tomorrow.
Winter flowering forsythia.
 Love the contrast against the sky.
 Bravely trying to bloom.
Slowly melting in the sunny skies.
 Roses still putting forth blooms.
 Winter white!

Sunday, 1 January 2012 word for 2012!

I've always enjoyed writing journals when I travel and find that I find them hard to resist when I see interesting ones when I go shopping.  Here are a few of the ones I've recently found to be very enjoyable.
 Some of these will be used for workshops to take notes, or draw sketches in.
 Some of them just make me smile when I look at them.
 Others are pretty and have lovely words.
 Some inspire you to learn something new like painting.
 Pink is a favourite colour and the embossed designs are so whimsical and enjoyable.
Finally these lovely designs to inspire and tease you to try something different.  Enjoy!  What inspires you to choose a word for 2012?