Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Remembrance Day is 90 years old today....please take a moment to remember the people who made your country the place you are able to have the rights and liberties that not all are able to enjoy. Lest we forget...never!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Red is the colour for November.... These trees were blazing red last week when I photographed them along the streets of New Westminster.
The yellow and red mingle nicely together on these two trees.
The grass was carpeted with leaves of interesting colours and designs.
I participated in two exchanges last month through and online group with Mary Lou Weidman. From my friend Karen in Tucson I got this whimsical yo yo spider that she made for me.
She also sent me some fun Fall items. The pumpkin hand is actually a pen! The package of racked leave buttons are very cute. We were part of a Thanksgiving exchange, but Canada celebrates our in October, so Karen sent me some Fall items instead. The welcome sign is hanging in my entry, and the Fall towels are now in my bathroom.
Tina in California and I exchanged Halloween/ Fall items, she decorated this plastic paint pale and had it stuffed with goodies.
Inside there was two packages to make dips, some floral hankies, napkins, 3 scented candles, some fun cookie cutters, Halloween candy treats. The cat with a crown is a votive candle holder! The spider crown is sitting on top of the fabric strips.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Splashes of colour on the west coast of Canada.... This is the view from my balcony looking over the waterfall in the courtyard of my condo. The maple is in front of my living room window.
I love the sounds of the waterfall throughout the year, some years it has frozen and it is weird not hearing the water splashing in the background.
This maple is in front of my bedroom window, it was replaced a few years ago and has not yet been topped like the majority of maples in our courtyard.
Often they say if you see a lot of berries on trees it indicates a hard winter, I love the orange colour of these mountain ash berries.
These maple leaves covered a parking lot today at one of my local quilt shops.
A few blocks away I found this amazing display of maple trees lining a residential street.
This tree almost looks electric in it's beautiful red!
The sign says it all. Even rain didn't spoil this day.