Saturday, 15 August 2009

Busy as a has your summer been? They say that bees are declining but I find I often managed to capture them in photographs when I'm taking pictures of flowers. [If you click on this picture it will enlarge.]This one has quite the challenge to get the pollen out of this trumpet shaped flower. [This picture doesn't enlarge.]
I watched this busy bee for awhile and was amazed how much pollen I could see on his back legs. [This one won't enlarge.]
Check out his right leg, look at the bulging yellow pouch! [This one will enlarge.]
Here is a bumble bee cousin. [This one will enlarge]
Another busy friend. [This one won't enlarge.]
Don't know what this guy was collecting on this leaf? [This one will enlarge.]
Another interesting exploration... [This one will enlarge.]
Hope you find some bees in your garden, where would we be without them?