Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sewing treasures'

I thought I'd share a few of the sewing treasures I've found while on vacation and sometimes nearer to home.
My great grandmother had one of this Chinese coin basket but unfortunately I don't know what happened to it.  She passed away when I was about 4 or 5.
 The coloured rings are glass not coloured jade.  They appear to have a join which you would not see if it was carved from jade.  I have no idea of the age of these and buy them when they speak to me. This one was an unusual oval shape which caught my eye.
 This one has some coloured strips woven and is round.  I liked the blue circles and the bright pink tassel.
 The colour inside the basket is not as sun faded as the exterior.
 Turquoise is always a draw to me.
 They are all in quite nice shape and I do store things inside.
 I've not seen a lot of small ones.
 The coins are quite unique also.
 This one has a bit of wear on the lid.
 Two black metal boxes for attachments.
 Some other boxes I've bought that were Singers.
 The interior of the Attachment and New Home Attachment boxes have a similar purple velvet that you find in the Singer Puzzle Box.
 Button hole attachment in cardboard box.
Button hole attachment in a hard green plastic, a small yellow snap bag holds 4 button hole dies. 
Five more die are also in the box along with the buttonholer.
 Puzzle box opened up.
 Some sewing boxes I've collected or been gifted with.
 This one is a Wilson Wil-hold box.  All the things came with it when I bought it.
 The first tray with spaces for thimbles, bobbins, spools of thread and a tomato pincushion.
 Second tray with more goodies.
 Second tray removed with even more storage space in the bottom.
 Trademark information.
 Interesting sewing chatelaine, holds a thimble in the top pocket.
 Wait, that is a wish bone that the piece is crocheted around.
 A pincushion on the bottom.
 A smaller heart shape with the same gold ribbon.
 A third one in rainbow colours and a different yellow ribbon.
 Hexagon Sewing box.
 Perfect little case.
 On the bottom, Marilyn Schwenning Class 26.
 Another woven beauty.
 Blue interior with sewing goodies.
 A lot of buttons, a tomato and a sock darner.
 Smaller sewing basket.
 A bit of lace and some pins inside.
 This one has an unusual shape.  No it isn't warped.
 Inside it has many treasures.
 Remove a layer and some more goodies.
 Lots of wooden spools and a sock darner.
 See the shape of the wood, the one side is cut deeper than the other, almost looks like a loaf of bread.
 The bottom is stamped Essane. the rest is not legible.
 My friend Debbie gave me this one, it looks like a basket of strawberries.
 This may have been added to an existing basket.
 This one is quite large, about 18" high.
 View from the top.
 A smaller basket lifts out and there is a bit of a surprise.
 The interior is pink, the exterior is more of a tomato red.
 Great to have for larger projects, such as if I do any.
 A few flowers and a bee in my friend Rita's garden.
 This picture was taken on the 22nd.
 Two days later on the 24th, it is starting to loosen a bit.
 Today, a double purple Datura or Angel's Trumpet, isn't it pretty?