Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sisters 38th Quilt Show

I got to Sisters just after 0700 and the temperature was just below 40F, 3C. I had a display alert come across my dashboard, ice possible! At about 0830 after having breakfast at Anna's I went into the town to check out the quilts.

This colourful display was by a featured artist Kristin Shields.

Whimsical liberated quilt making style.

I love the acid green.


The Princess and the Pea castle.


More of her quilts.

Still hanging up quilts.

A lovely blue heron sculpture in the trees.

Permanent quilts hanging on the side of the building.

Cascade Ave, (main street) still fairly quiet.

Love the oversized shoe.

Quilts hanging from the second story.

Where the original Stitching Post shop used to be.

A collection of some of the 38 years of posters advertising the show.

Some more.

Yet more.

And still more.

More quilts to come...

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Michelle said...

It is nice to get to town so early and beat the crowds. Glad you got to see the quilts and happy to have met you!