Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas to all. These are the only snowflakes in sight this year. This tree is a favourite of mine.
This guy is a tree with snowballs for decoration and wishing Winter Greetings.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas Eve...what a difference a year can make. This evening I took this picture of a glorious sunset from my balcony. As you can see the sky is clear, not a flake of snow to be seen. The air is crisp and clear. Last year the days started a little bit different from almost the same spot on my balcony...the snow was coming.
The same view at almost the same time one year later, what a difference! But wait, what will tomorrow bring? Merry Christmas everyone, may you spend it with friends and family and receive some lovely gifts.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Saturday I noticed that ice was forming on our pond. It's so dark when I arrive home I hadn't noticed it forming. This little stream also feeds into the lower pond and you can see the ice forming around the rocks.
I made this arched attic windows quilt several years ago. The designer is Jacque J. Holmes. It is made with black and white fabrics only. I call it "A Winter's View", it was challenging to make but I like the effect a lot.
Here is my current winter view. The snow started falling this afternoon and is gradually accumulating in our courtyard. Our walks have all been salted.
The beauty berry looks delicate in the snow.
The new shoots are already forming for next year.
Definitely a glimpse of more to come. It is quite cold and blustery along the river's edge.
The roses are trying so hard to hang in for a few more days.
This little palm is already covered in the snow.
The side stream rocks are covered with snow and more ice has formed on the lower pond.
My door welcomes you to the wintry season almost upon us.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Frosty Saturday morning brings a chilly walk along the quay looking at berries and frost covered flowers. The calendar changed from rainy November to cold crisp December. We're 6 for 6 for sunny days this month! Beauty berries are actually quite a small delicate berry. I managed to catch these ones with some sun shining on them for a change.
These winter pansies are living up to their name, covered in frost but putting on a pretty show.
The sun was just starting to creep into this raised bed of plants
This pansy has found the warmth of the sun and the frost is slowly melting.I'm not sure what type of berries these are, but they are a very deep black colour.
This bunch of rose hips stand out amongst the dying leaves.
This pincushion daisy is bearing up well against the frosty morning.
A bird's nest abandoned for the year, but brings hope for spring.
This hydrangea has dried on the bush and is still full of colour.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

November's dull days are upon us once again. We've had some record rainfall this month thanks to some Pineapple Express weather systems. Rita's beauty berry plan is just full of colourful berries. I wish that you could dry them and enjoy them the year around. The leaves are turning such pretty shades of red, orange and yellow.
It is amazing that this little maple seems to be holding onto it's leaves when all the other trees are bare.
The oak leaf hydrangea is getting a more vibrant red each time I photograph it.
This is a peeling bark maple, the leaves are such a pretty colour and shape, the bark is very interesting how it peels off.
I'm not sure when this guy showed up along our pond, but I think he is quite delightful. He looks so realistic.
I made this Crowdiddy bag last year at a retreat. I added the handle because my zipper wasn't quite long enough. You can see the original design at
check out the pattern section
The design inspired me to make this ladybug/platypus design from my friend Tricia's birthday. I had intended to shorten the face but she likes it as it is.
For her secret Santa gift last year I had made the needle case and mini pin cushion.
For our quilt show this year I created the crowdiddy inspired needle case and mini pin cushion.
Then I designed the pin cushion inspired by the colours I used on my crowdiddy bag.

Saturday I took a purse workshop with Agnes Rhim. She is one of our Fraser Valley guild members. She makes lovely purses. I managed to make both these bags in about 5 hours. I had quilted the large bag fabric prior to the class. The smaller one I quited during the workshop.
She has a Korean language blog at I use the translate button to understand some of the messages. [ Sometimes the translation is a bit off.]
I like how each side of the bag is slightly different.
I don't know about you, but I hate trying to find something in a bag with a dark lining, so I made the inside of mine white!
Today we're having some more rain. Doesn't the beauty berry look lovely with the drops dripping of it?
These drops are almost bigger than the berries themselves!
The winter Kale looked like it was covered in crystals.
The skies were grey and dull, fortunately the rain was quite light and I didn't need to use my umbrella. The walkway can get quite slippery at this time of the year.
The roses are still hanging in. There are lots of bright coloured rose hips to be seen.
These red roses looked so pretty with the rain drops on them.
The pink winter flowering forsythia is starting to bloom.
Rain drops are everywhere you look.
These drops all have little images in them. I hope you can click on the picture and see it enlarged.
This maple tree is just outside on of our courtyard entrances. The last leaves just don't want to go yet.