Sunday, 13 December 2009

Saturday I noticed that ice was forming on our pond. It's so dark when I arrive home I hadn't noticed it forming. This little stream also feeds into the lower pond and you can see the ice forming around the rocks.
I made this arched attic windows quilt several years ago. The designer is Jacque J. Holmes. It is made with black and white fabrics only. I call it "A Winter's View", it was challenging to make but I like the effect a lot.
Here is my current winter view. The snow started falling this afternoon and is gradually accumulating in our courtyard. Our walks have all been salted.
The beauty berry looks delicate in the snow.
The new shoots are already forming for next year.
Definitely a glimpse of more to come. It is quite cold and blustery along the river's edge.
The roses are trying so hard to hang in for a few more days.
This little palm is already covered in the snow.
The side stream rocks are covered with snow and more ice has formed on the lower pond.
My door welcomes you to the wintry season almost upon us.

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The little book of Nessie said...

I would love a little bit of your cold weather mixed with our hot weather Sandi. The snow and ice look so pretty but I know it is cold! Loved seeing your photos and also your quilt called "A winter's View". Regards, Nessie