Monday, 21 July 2008

Fireworks on the quay for the first night of Fraserfest on Friday night. A festival in New Westminster to celebrate the Fraser River. The river and surrounding area was lit up by the colourful display.
I love the ellipse shape of this firework.
The bright orb in the right lower corner is actually the full moon! I was hand holding my camera causing the double image.
Once again you can see the full moon in the lower right corner.
The grand finale was very colourful and loud. You can see the moon clearer because of all the light from the fireworks.
Sunday afternoon the work boats of the Fraser came out for a parade. There were big tugs and small all decked out with colourful flags flying as they came up the river towards the quay.

These three were playing to see who was the strongest.

This was the colourful logo designed for this year's celebration.
Here comes a game of chicken between a pirate ship on the left and the port patrol on the right!
They came very close to each other without touching or swamping the other.
They safely passed each other.
The spray from hitting the wake almost caused you to loose sight of the boat for a moment.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Canada Day Fireworks at the Quay! Tonight for the first time the fireworks were right across the river from my condo! Usually they are farther upriver across from the Quay Market. They started off slowly and then started to build.
Then they got quite loud and very colourful.
This one reminds me of a red daisy or a poppy.
The paddlewheeler was out with sightseers enjoying the show. It lasted about 20 minutes. The mayor told me that this may be the permanent home as the barge we used to rent costs about $5-10,000!

Happy Birthday Canada!
Today is a lovely warm sunny Summer day, a great day for a BBQ. Fireworks are happening later tonight.