Sunday, 7 August 2011

Quilts, Flowers and Bugs

Summer has finally arrived after a very wet Spring here on the west coast.  The colours are just exploding everywhere you look.  This daisy almost looks hand painted.
 The sprinklers had just turned off and some of the blossoms still held droplets of water sparkling in the sun.
 The contrast of the light mauve against the darker pink/red and green just gives light to the picture.
 It is hard to see, but there is a lady bug on the 12 o'clock petal.  It is close to the centre of the sunflower.
 What lovely shades of green, the droplets on the far leaf looks like someone dropped them there for effect.
 A yellow/red lady buy enjoying a meal.
 A more traditional red lady bug a bit farther down the walk.
 A quilt challenge!  The Needle and I in Burnaby set out a challenge; there were two brown fabrics that were to be used and your quilt had to have 200 2.5" squares in it.  Here are the results.
 She sold 28 packages and got 23 back.  A friend ran out of time so there were almost 24!
 The sizes and ideas were great.
 I love how this one has folded squares and then curves to change things up,  The brown swirly fabric was one of the challenge fabrics.
 More quilts.
 The lower level.
 Even more.
 Lots of shades of brown.
 I like the sailing ship with the squares on point.  I love how she gave the impression of a sunset.
 I like the asymmetry of this piece.  The centre "panel" is a paper napkin that has been treated with a medium to make it more like fabric!  I also love the applique she put on the piece.
If you are in the Vancouver area, drop by and cast a vote for your favourite 3 pieces!  Good luck to all!