Thursday, 23 February 2017

Focusing in February.

My Focus shifted a bit this month as part one of a three month kit arrived from The Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon.  I've long admired Tonye B. Phillips work and have always wanted to do one of her patterns.
 Unfortunately she only has done House Party as a class project and not released this pattern.  I borrowed the image from her website.
 She is doing House Party Revival at the store starting this weekend and I found out that I could order the kit.  Tonye sent me pictures of the house and the details of the window so I can do it from afar.  So far I've traced the four window items onto freezer paper and cut out the fabrics.  I do the starch way of applique and just need to prep them and I'm ready to start stitching.
 I finally got all my templates for my Down the Rabbit Hole last Thursday despite giving the wrong suite number on the invoice.  Luckily I checked and saw them sitting on the floor of our mail area along with another package that I miss-addressed.
 Here is my centre Dresden Plate along with the stems for the flowers will will do next month.  I had thought of doing it in browns to represent the Rabbit Hole and dirt but as it is the centre of the quilt I chose to use yellows instead.
 I'm trying only to use my stash for this project but wanted a third yellow so I invested in a Moda Grunge Yellow to go with my Earth Series by Dianne Leone for Northcott Silk that has been ageing nicely and Rainforest Honeycomb by Alexander Glass.
I've also finished my Hawaiian Applique for Happy Days, the last of the applique blocks for this quilt. On Saturday my friend Tricia is hosting a group in her amenities room and my plan is to work on some of the many pieced blocks I've avoided since November!
 The second recovered package was my King Tut Threads for my 2016 Row by Row projects.
 I also got some 30" zippers from Sew Much Nicer for these projects.
 During our snowy period I worked on a multicoloured shawl that is now finished.  The colours are brighter than the photo.
Feeling good about my adjusted focus in February, and still have time to piece those other Mika and Sunflower Gathering blocks.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Journaling, Fibre Arts Network and Valentines Top

Back in 2001 I decided I would try and journal about my quilting experiences.  
 I wrote down in January what goals I hoped to keep in this book and until June 2013 I managed to do this monthly making notes of what classes I took, new techniques.  Travels I took that involved quilting, new quilting friends etc.
 On January 31 I found the journal again and decided to start it again.  My friend Anna from Woolie Mammoth shared her keeping goals on a white board and recently decided to also keep a journal.  But she is thinking of doing it more on a daily basis, I'm doing it monthly but with occasional new entries.
 I shared that while at Lorna's I saw some friends and later that evening one called to say they had gone to the Fibre Art Network show at Van Dusen Garden.  Rita and I had forgotten about it and had headed down to Granville Island instead.  So Sunday I decided it would be a nice outing to take my mom to see.  Ironically we ran into Lorna and her mom; they had just finished seeing it.  Here are some overview pictures of the show.
 The FAN is a group of west coast Canadian and American quilt artist and youcan visit their website here for more information about their journey and many shows.
 Last year the garden had a show in March featuring some of our Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild members here.
 Several of those artist and some more I recognized from the lower mainland participated this time.
 All the pieces were the same size in either the portrait or landscape orientation.
 This is a free exhibit found in a gallery adjacent to where you enter to view the gardens.
 We were still in the midst of our heavy snow and viewing the garden was not a great choice on that day.
 There were some spectacular pieces hung for viewing.
 Some photographic in their style and others more representative.
 Some were dimensional and other visually textural.

 This piece was done by Robin Fischer a member of my guild.
 Terry Aske.
 Janet Archibald.
 Former member Patt Wilson
Leslie Forbes from Lion's Gate Quilters.
 Mardel Rempell another former member and part of the 100 Braid St. New Westminster Cultural Crawl show I attended.
 Unfortunately I don't recall many of the names and I had hoped that the signage would be more legible.
 Marianne Parsons.
 Judy Leslie.
 Emilie Belak.
 Susan Jensen.
 Vivien Kaputo.

 Valentine's Day I felt like I was getting a cold and flue so I didn't go to my guild meeting.  Later in the day I started feeling better and decided to add some borders to my Hoochy Heart swap quilt.  It now measures 43" x 52" and is ready to be sandwiched and quilted.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!  May you have chocolates, wine and love in your life today!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Quilt Show Challenge Texture at Quilters' Dream Fabrics.

Saturday morning Rita and I headed off to the west side of Vancouver to see the quilts for the Texture Challenge at Lorna's shop Quilters' Dream Fabrics.  She had some of the quilts hanging in the foyer and also in her living room.

Each kit contained different fabrics which you had to use some of each and could add some of your own.  It was not revealed who made which piece but I did hear some offering of voting for yours if you vote for mine.

I don't know who did what but had a couple of friend's who entered.  Some made original quilts and others adapted or used patterns.
 Some had a lot of texture and some I didn't really see the texture.
 There were a lot of rusts, reds and greys in the kits.
 The gal who made the triangle piece printed off different ways the triangles could be placed for different shapes.
 Love the round clips hanging this quilt on the piece of bamboo.
 Quilts were draped over sofas and love-seats as Lorna ran out of wall space.
 This one reminded several people of umbrellas viewed from the top.
 Some appliqued trompe d'oiel on this one.
 Squares on a low volume background.
 Some silks along with batiks.
 Of 19 kits 14 were returned, quite a nice level of participation.  Then up the stairs to Lorna's shop area.  She also had some goodies laid out on her dining room table and side tables but the room was too crowded to get pictures.
 Notice all the rolls of obi silks on the three top shelves on the left.  She also has Dupioni Silks and woven Japanese Diamond Textiles in this room.
 Another view of the textiles on the right.
 Reversing my position in the same room.  Those fabrics below the cutting table are Diamond woven textiles.
 One of many quilts that Lorna has designed.
 When I dropped of my challenge quilt last week she showed me the quilt she had made that inspired the Texture challenge.  It is Latiffah Saffir's Mole Hill templates that she used to make this beauty.
 Look at the amazing quilting and how the blue silk has a crinkled texture to it.
 It is amazing to see in person.
 On the top landing some rainbow brights and a lot of notions for sale.
 Into another room where Batiks are featured.
 Hard to choose which ones to bring home.
 She also has some Japanese prints and some of Pepper Cory's Shot cottons.
 So many choices what to buy.
 She uses her space very well to display the wares.
 Afterwards Rita and I headed down to Granville Island to visit the Cloth Shop and pick up bagels.  Then we went to the Dockside Restaurant to celebrate our birthdays.  We are both Aquarian and are ten days apart.  Looking across False Creek we can see the Tent set up for Cirque de Soliel.
 By the end of lunch the skies were brightening up and so was the waterway.  The Rainbow Aquabus ferries were seen in full force along with paddle boarders, kayakers and even some with outriggers.  Not to mention a few sail and motor boats.
 I bought the centre aqua and right pink last week and added the multi pink Obi silk yesterday.
 A closer look at the pink
 Multi, all have some amazing visual texture to them.
 I also got two Dupioni silks the one on the left is a soft aqua with a pink hue the other is a soft sapphire blue.
Two blue shot cottons.

 A pink shot cotton from last week.
 Two blue Diamond woven textiles that look grey but are blue.
 A cream one.
 After dropping Rita off I went to Fabricana and found these pink fat eighths that I think I may use in my Down the Rabbit Hole quilt.
 And these blue ones.
 At the Cloth Shop I found these fat quarter bundles on sale for $10.00 they may find their way into Down the Rabbit Hole also.
 Love that green one, I think I already have another piece of it.
 If you are interested here is the link to Lorna's Blog if you enter your e-mail address you will get updates sent to you directly.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, it is Family Day in B.C. tomorrow and today I'm taking my mom to a quilt display at Van Dusen Gardens so I'll share more pictures soon.