Saturday, 9 June 2018

Woolies On The Coast at Quilt Canada 2018.

I wanted to spotlight a booth at Quilt Canada by my friend Uschi Greiner. She is one half of a former team that brought in Sue Spargo to teach in Vancouver twice.  I've known Uschi for several years first working in a quilt shop, then owning one of her own and now as a dyer of wools, silk velvets and linens along with teaching how to stitch with wool.
 She had a small booth at Quilt Canada which was filled with shoppers each time I went by it.
 Uschi has done several of Sue Spargo's Blocks of the Month.  She has also stitched several of Wendy Williams wool pieces.
 This her new Block of the Month Something;s Fishy that Uschi designed and dyed the wools for.
 She just got it back from Tess Strauss at  Wildflower Quilt Studios just a day before she set up her booth.
 I know she plans on a few more added touches but it is spectacular to see in person.
 The quilting from Tess is just perfect for the piece!
 I think I'll be signing up for this wonderful piece.
 Gosh I wish I'd read that note on her sign...oh well!
 This is Sue's Fresh Cut BOM which has just been released in book form.
 Uschi winds sampler bobbin with wool threads for purchase along with carrying Sue's Eleganza line of cotton and rayon thread.  She also sells hand dyed threads and all sorts of other goodies.
 Her silk velvets are wonderful and she recently has started using some new dye colours that I cant wait to see.
 Please let me introduce to you Ursula "Uschi" Greiner.  Her new website Woolies on the Coast should be up and running soon.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Portraits at Quilt Canada 2018.

I enjoy seeing what people can do to recreate portraits in cloth.  It can be very challenging to get it right I find and there were some wonderful quilts showing different ways at Quilt Canada this year.
 Fates of Maasai Men Triptych by Krista Zeghers was a wonderful example.  She showed a young warrior.
 One Middle aged
 And one elderly.  I had an opportunity to visit The Mayer's Ranch in Kenya in the 1970's which allowed tourists to visit and interact with some of the local Maasai and take photographs of their homes and themselves. My photographs show some similarities but also some differences in their dress.  The young warriors had long extensions, the middle aged men had shorter hair along with the young boys.  My pictures are on slides but I will try and share them with you later.  The other difference was their clothing was predominately red with no designs.

 Ruby by Roxanne Nelson.

 Irene by Linda Tolsma.

 Izzy by Anne Mathers, sorry about the fuzzy detail of the quilter.

 Making Amends by Carol Cote.
 Carol happened to be near her piece when I saw it, and she shared details of how she quilted it.

 Japanese Beautiful "Maiko" by Naoko Hirano.

 Rod Stewart by Jean Allenbury.

 Flying Free by Effie Brandt.

 Remember Felicity Ronaghan?  Here is her Trend Tex Challenge piece.
 And here is her daughter G's Cantik Batik Youth Challenge 5-10 year old piece! Congratulations to the next generation of quilters Felicity and G!
 Here are some of the other 5-10 year old Travel Challenge pieces.
 There was also one for older children but I didn't get pictures of theirs.

More to come...

Monday, 4 June 2018

Quilt Canada 2018

On my previous post I shared Fisherman's Wharf by Miguel. The piece by Kathy Bush, Penelope 
Woodwark, Vicki Dods, Barb Root, and Phillipa Zapf was based on a painting called Fisherman's Wharf by Miguel Freita.
 The yellow and blue fabrics were the only ones shared by all of the quilters.  The first section was done by Penelope Woodwark. If you look at the sky you can see a vertical seam that carries thru the red roof building and the boat. You can see a different red fabric for the roof, blue and white for the boat.
 Section two by Kathy Bush, notice the change in the yellow house and the red shutters.  The light pole is a bit narrower on the right than the left.
 Section three by Phillipa Zapf.  This time I figured it out with the red building with the black roof and blue shutters.
 Section four by Kathy Bush.  The join happens thru the white house with red roof.  Different greens in the tree and the red and black boat.
 Section 5 by Vicki Dods.  I was just so impressed with how almost seamless this team of quilters developed this piece.
 I shared this picture of the Best in Show quilt The Wet Spring of 2017 by Helen Fujiki.
 Friday I was able to get some closer pictures of this wonderful piece. She listed Home machine applique, piecing and quilting.
 Her machine quilting is amazing.
 I love her blend of solids and print fabrics.

Trend Tex Fabrics is a Canadian Fabric wholesaler that is based in Richmond B.C. They had a challenge to celebrate their 30th anniversary supporting Quilt Canada. They have been in business for 32 years!  Click here to see the fabrics that were part of the challenge.

 The single quilts were the winners of the challenge with Terry Aske was the first recipient of the ribbons during the Awards Event.

 Here is an overview the entire group of submissions!