Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Fraser Valley Quilters' Present...Felicity Ronaghan!

My former evening co-chair and then chairperson when I was President of FVQG came to do a trunk show, presentation and between meetings workshop today.  Felicity joined FVQG in 2001, she was such a dedicated member that when she delivered her daughter G ten and a half years ago the baby was born on the December meeting day at 1150!  She announced that during her talk at....shivers time 1150 this morning!
 Felicity shared some of various challenge pieces and shared in her talk how she manages to do things in 20 minute windows of quilting time a day.  Some days more than 20 minutes built around her family life, work and other obligations. Check out Felicity's Blog here.
 Another Vancouver Modern Guild challenge piece.
 Named by G Dancing in the Moonlight.
 Solid Fat Quarters cut up and sewn in stripes.
 She and her family moved from Vancouver to Naramata in the Okanogan several years ago and this is Naramata Sunset.  The region is known for it's fruit trees and when looking for a house to buy she saw different wood pallets outside one night two of which were painted blue.
 Created at a workshop with the Ladies of Gee's Bend.  Hand quilted, a rarity for Felicity.
 The One that Got Away made from a solid charm pack!
 Felicity joined the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and had organized a Round Robin one year.  Each month they were given various prompts.  Her choice was to have tones of one colour for her various rounds by her fellow robins.  She deconstructed it and added some red and the black and white to make it the size she wanted.
 The second round robin again was deconstructed and re sewn.  This one has some Essex Linen included.
 A sampler class she taught using only solids...no prints.
 Se sent a picture into You Patch for a black and white challenge and this is what resulted!
 On Instagram you can find her @felicityquilts this is one of her #beesewcial quilts  Each month they sew blocks for one of the members.  Hers was Winter Improv.
 Between the meetings she was going to share her technique for a bull's eye improve cushion.  Set differently it becomes Eye Tears (I think, will confirm).
 We got the first reveal of her The Canadian Sampler.
 This pattern was designed by various Canadian Quilters and is available at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop.  From their blog here is the information about the pattern. This setting was Felicity's own design. Felicity designed the Maple Leaves 4 Ever block and went to school with the coordinator and owner of Sew Sisters!
 Her show and tell all laid out.  Check out Felicity Quilts Instagram feed here.
 Unfortunately her Bull's Eye class was fully booked, I had hoped to be a last minute drop in, so I went for a walk along the quay instead.
 The tulips are on their last legs.
 The pink ones are starting to loose their petals.
 The city gardeners will be pulling them up along with the other Spring Bulbs and planting the Summer annuals.  The hanging baskets will be out on the Victoria Day weekend.
 I love the centres of tulips with their dark stars.
 The Dogwood tree is our provincial flower.  The provincial tree is the Western Cedar.
 I always seem to miss this one in bloom but caught it today.
 My favourite bull's eye tulips.
 One rogue yellow and red tulip.
 The Rhododendrons are in full bloom.
 Love this red one.
 Small blue flowers in our rockery garden.
 Last night I laid out block 5 of Simple Folk.  I got the stems and vase stitched down and during the meeting I got 8 of 9 leaves and one outside flower stitched!
There are two blocks this month along with one applique for Grasshopper and a 25 pieced en point block 3 to do.  Four of them!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I had fun last night with an app called Prisma on my IPad.  
 The original photo is the one on the top left, the one on the top right and bottom right are both Disco at different intensities.  The bottom left is one called Tears.
 These tulips against the forget me not flowers are some of my favourite for contrast...yes I know there is only one tulip in this photo.
 Yellow double tulips.
 White Bells.
  I took some pictures the other day and went to download them only to find I had not put my memory card back into my camera.  I went out the next day when it was bright but grey to get this back lit picture.
 A dark maroon and pale pink combination.
 Tulips in a planted along our cul du sac.
 So for the last three I've been sewing multiple units and then ironing and then going back to sew. I still need to finish up my four hand pieced blocks.  I sew first pairs together and then add additional pieces that need to be ironed after each step.
 Interesting once again I'm mimicking the colours of the tulips I photograph.
 The pink dotted and red dotted print are part of the same fabric. I decided to add the second green print that I used for the leaves of my first set of hand pieced blocks.
 Interesting that this month's blocks for Simple Folk has a small version of the Grasshopper heart.
May your month of May be filled with lots of Colour and Creativity!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Quilt Folk, Grasshopper and Tulips

Happily my 6th issue of Quilt Folk arrived without any problems.  My 5th issue never showed up and they had to send me a new one.  This one is focused on Arizona.
 They celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2012
 I went to Houston in November 2012 and saw it in person.  It is a remarkable quilt.  I was also introduced to Wanda Seale by my friend Sandy Foster. Here are some photos of the quilt and information of how it came about.
 It is truly a work of art.  I didn't get a good picture of Wanda with the quilt unfortunately.
 The details are very detailed.
 I have been to may of the places that are depicted but not all of them.
 Love the pink car and trail and the cowboys and jets.
 If you get a chance you need to check this out.
 The back of the quilt has an amazing amount of information about the volunteers, governors and history.

I finally got my background sorted out for my Grasshopper quilt.  It isn't perfectly matched but I can live with it.
 I managed to make a very long strip of 1/4" bias that I got to go from top to bottom and back again.
 I've already made four of the first pieced hand stitched blocks.
 I have prepped the tulip for the top of the quilt, I'm not sure what I'll do for the top of the stem.
 The hear is for the bottom.
 We had another lovely sunny day and the tulips are opening at an amazing rate with the warmer temperatures.
 Love these orange/yellow ones with the Forget Me Not flowers below.
 A rogue little yellow one.
 The tulips were back lit by the sun.
 The view of the large bed.
 Pink long stemmed elegant ones.
 Yesterday these were fully opened but it cooled down overnight and they closed up.  They are pink with a yellow centre.
 Red, yellow, white and blue playing nicely with the daffodils.
 Double yellow tulips.
 Purple, pink, red and yellow/orange by my condo.
 Curving around to the boardwalk.
 Last year they were a bit more planted in this area.
 Tulips, my favourite Spring flower.