Saturday, 17 February 2018

Katie Pedersen Psychedelic Baby Workshop.

Thursday I along with several members of Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild and a few non members took part in a day long workshop with Katie Pedersen of Sew Katie Did blog. I've followed Katie's Blog and her Sew Katie Did Instagram account for quite some time.

 She brought along several different quilts built from the same block to share with us some different setting options.
 She laid out the steps of making a strata and then building the blocks for whatever layout you wanted to work with.
 On the right is one of the building blocks and on the right are the cut offs from the block.
 Then we got to play with our strips to decide on our strata.
 I was considering using the grey to frame mine on either side.
 I played around with different ideas.
 At our guild meeting on Tuesday her show and tell was amazing.  I really liked this particular layout but I failed to get a good picture of it at the workshop.
 A few detail pictures to see how she built her borders.
 Love that soft turquoise solid for a different look to the quilt.
 The dense grid quilting really made a nice finish to the quilt.
 Beckie's first block is above her head and Nancy's is the blue and green.  Cathy is working with the purple, green and black to the left.
 I'm not sure who was working on these blocks.
 Some more blocks being built.
 There were several design walls up around the walls for people to lay out their ideas.
 Dougal was lucky to have a big table to herself and laid out her rainbow strips.
 Katie also shared some ideas for your cast off blocks once you finished your quilt.
 Each of these were from different strata groups and subsequent quilts.
 She built this one in panels.  If you want to see more she has several tutorials here to spark your imagination and creativity.
 Here is the whole quilt, I love this black and grey combination.
 Playtime with the blocks.
Rita decided to make a smaller block so she could finish it as a table topper this weekend.  One of my favourite mixes black and white with turquoise.  She threw in a grey tone on tone and reversed it for a lighter look.  Love it!

 Its interesting how different colour combinations in solids can work together.                                   

Here is Beckie's centre along with some border ideas.

Cathy's centre coming together.

Nancy decided to throw in a few prints with her solids.

Here is Dougal's rainbow mix.

My first layout of my blocks in a slightly different idea that the square with a spool in the middle.

 Rotating everything one turn.
 Laying it out en pointe. Two of my blocks had pink ends and two had one pink and one turquoise end.  Here is the combined pink and turquoise centre.
 Here is the pink centre.  I like how the black frames the centre along with the pink, yellow and turquoise and then the random colours beyond.
Still more playtime to be spent before deciding what comes next.  If you get a chance to play with Katie I would advise you to take the opportunity and explore this Modern Style.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Lion's Bay Day Retreat/

Saturday morning I picked up Rita and we drove 45 minutes to Lion's Bay to attend Quilt By the Bay in Lion's Bay hosted by Krista Hennebury aka Poppyprint. We gathered in the Village Hall.
This lovely wood carving greeted us as we unpacked our cars.

Across the street is the view of the bay and mountains beyond.

 Adjacent to the building is this roaring creek you can see there was fresh snow on the mountains on Friday.

 Peeking thru the trees at the snow capped mountains.
 It was hovering around freezing most of the day.
 Arbutus trees are found close to water and this bench had some lovely paintings on it.
 Little did I know how important this bench would be later.
 The gulf island were taking on a hazy romantic tone.
Coming back into the room almost everyone had arrived and were setting up, visiting or even sewing already.
 This was my view for the day to the right.
 And the left, glorious sunshine streaming into the room.  My goal was to machine quilt one or optimistically two quilts.
 You can see a ferry in the centre of this picture heading either up to the Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands or maybe to Vancouver Island.  The Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal is about 20 minutes south.  North are Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.
 Krista provided us with sandwiches from a local deli and mad two lovely lasagnas along with fruit, cookies, brownies, coffee and tea.  Waiting at each station was this lovely little goodie bag.
 I'm happy to say that my Running Through the Tulips and  Going Down the Rabbit Hole was well received during show and tell.  Remember the bench?  Two lovely tall ladies climbed up on top and held the quilt so I could get an official photo for Sarah Fielke's online quilt show for later this month!
 Sadly I ran out of the bobbin thread I was using for my quilting, fortunately I have more at home and will share a picture when it was done.  We packed up a bit early and trekked back home after a wonderful day of friendship, quilting and food.  Thanks Krista!  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of each and everyone who attended.  But priorities were quilting!

Friday, 9 February 2018

February 9, 2018!

I realized I hadn't shared a view from the lobby this month and it has become a lovely sunny day! Can you see something under the tree near the water?
 A couple of ducks taking in the sunny warmth on this chilly day.  We've had nesting pairs in our courtyard since at least 2000!
 A slightly different angle before heading out.
 If you look closely you can see the mail has his eye one me, she is also but has nestled down a bit more.
 Some snowdrops in one of the courtyard gardens.
 That peach rose is fully opened in the sun.
 Some yellow crocuses are joining the party.
 I shared some of the bud on the daffodils, but they are opening up.
 Just in time to celebrate my birthday!
 Love the profile as they open up.
 Reaching towards the moving sun.
 Rita has some gorgeous Hellebore showing off in the sunshine.
 A beautiful plum rose colour.
 A robin helped me celebrate the day.
 One of my favourite flowering trees the winter flowering viburnum.
 So pretty against the blue skies.
 They have a lovely fragrance.
 So delicate but strong to bloom at this time of year.
 The fragrance is lovely.
 Found some Hellebore flowers in our gardens also.
 You never know what you'll find on a walk.
 These look so healthy and full bloomed.
 A chickadee just outside of the window across from my condo.
 Working on some orphan blocks for a project.
 I cut extra flowers when I made my down the rabbit hole quilt and decided to have fun putting them together for my next project.
Off for a day retreat tomorrow.  Have never attended this event so hoping to have some fun photos to share when I get back.  Have a great weekend!