Sunday, 28 August 2016

Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild Showcase

Yesterday I battled traffic to cross over the Ironworkers Bridge to visit the VMQG Showcase at 115 Victory Ship Way in North Vancouver.  It was their first show and different from the typical quilt shows as they did not have a vendors market and one great feature no drapes hanging.  You got to enjoy the glimpses of quilts and their backings without having to use the white glove treatment.           This first piece is by my friend Felicity here instagram feed is found here. She was my vice chair when I was evening chairperson at FVQG.                                  
 These were in the Round Robin section of the show.
 I happily walked around and took pictures of the quilts but not of the maker's of them but happily Felicity provided me with some of their creators.  But sorry I can't tell you who made this one.
 This beauty was made by Terry Aske, I took a workshop from her learning her circle techniques and recognized it before checking the label.  Her instagram feed can be found here.
 Here is her wonderful back art.  She shared several pictures of her work on her instagram last night.
 See what I mean about enjoying not having the quilts hung on draperies.
 This piece is by Karen Cooper, I didn't realize this is actually the back of the piece one of her extra Opalescence block.  Check out her instagram feed for the front. It is lovely.
 The one time I take a picture of the label I can't read it.  This was created during a Gwen Marsden workshop.
 Trudy Pearson made this interesting black and white with solid colour study.  Check out her instagram feed here.
 Joan Elliot created these two black and white studies.
 Loved this mini colourful study, sorry don't know the creator.  Love the illusion of the circle your eye sees with the straight lines.
 Jade Prosser made this lovely piece love the aqua and white background.  Here is her instagram feed.
 Another Karen Cooper piece.  Love the folk art influence in the flowers.
 This piece looked spectacular against the yellow wall, the lighting changed the colours.
 Love this piece by Krista Hennebury, it was a challenge piece for Moda that she designed.  Not only does she have her poppyprint blog she has an instagram feed here.
 Berene Campbell made this beauty with blocks made by her online bee.  It is called Hundreds and Thousands.  Check out her instagram here.  And another feed can be found here just about the quilt creation.
 Loved these two similar but different stylized rose studies.
 And viewed from the back.
 This mole hill quilt was started in a workshop with Latifah Saafir.  Here is a link to that post.
 Love this unconventional rainbow.
 They had a wall of minis with a legend of who did what that was very effective but hard to photograph.
 A bit more.
 And the rest.
 As I left I took this picture of the downtown Vancouver waterfront.  I'm proud to be a born in Vancouver Gal.
If you are in Vancouver today the show is open go and check it out.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Row by Row Road Trip Day 3

There are some wonderful building in the Skagit Valley and this barn I found quite lovely as I drove towards it.
 Here is a side view of this same barn.
 And how close it is to the house beside it.
 Farther down the road is this gorgeous old Victorian styled home.  It has always been a favourite of mine.  A shared a photo with a former patient of mine and she painted a water colour of it form me as a thank you.
 But some of the barns have been left to the weather.
 Love the ventilation detail on the top of this one.
 I'm sure it did a good service to the family that it supported over the years.
 I also found this one to be quite interesting.
 Not sure if that is algae or some residue of paint ball activity.
 More of this lovely lady at a later date.  I got to meet Sylvia Pippen and see some of her amazing quilts and some new things she is about to release.  Many thanks to Anna for letting me come along.
 After Anna and I had lunch an a visit to the La Conner Quilt Museum I dropped her off at the new R.V. park than G. moved their vehicle to and headed north.  A quick stop in Bellingham at Two Thimbles to see their row and take a quick look around.  If you are using a gps to find this shop it is located toward the back of a parking lot beside some other buildings not directed on the street.
 They allowed me to share some of their lovely fabrics and quilts.
 They do some lovely displays and vignettes in this cupboard.
 A touch of modern and a large selection of reproduction fabrics can be found here.
 Interesting angles to the displays.

 Love this quilt.
 A touch of Christmas beside a modern piece.
 Next up was a trip over to Lynden and a visit to Folk Tales.  This shop has an array of wool applique, stitchery and cotton fabrics.  It was getting very warm and close to home so I didn't tarry long.  I love the added little buttons they used on their row.
 A little sampling of the wool applique outside their front door.
 Are these vintage trailers not too cute?
 All these goodies are part of their outdoor display.
 Next up was Calico Country.  Sorry no pictures inside.  The state fair was going on and I needed to head on.
 My last stop for the day was Tangled Threads. Lynden has a very large Dutch heritage.  My Grandparents used to love coming to visit this sweet community.
 The final stash report.  Thanks to Anna I got this fun license plate from her trip to the beach.
 I picked this one up in Port Gamble.
 From Two Thimbles I got two black and whites.
 Another black and white from Calico Country.
 I couldn't pass up a package of buttons from Folk Tales.  They will be participating in the Woolie Block so I'll be back to check it out in October!
 Love black and white stripes and these were a bit curvy for a change.
 When I got home and checked my mail I had some other new goodies from Buttermilk Basin waiting for me.  Four mini seasonal truck patterns.
 A Christmas and larger truck mat for Spring.
 And I couldn't resist this vintage trailer and truck kit.
 One last picture to share of my new boyfriend.  Anna's lovely dog Enzo took a shine to me when I visited their first R.V. site in La Conner.  I took several pictures close up of him.  This first one makes me think he is saying.  Maybe if I don't look at her she will put that thing away.
Then the side eye saying, nope she still is pointing it at me.
Then finally a face on saying maybe if I look but don't smile she'll put it away.  Which I did, thanks Enzo!
Have a lovely weekend!  I'm hoping things will cool off we've been hovering around the high 20's low 30's the past few days.  Don't like it that hot!