Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Mini Shop Hop to Calico Creations, Cotton Pickins' and Aunt Mary's Quilt shops.

Yesterday on a whim I decided to head south of the border to visit a few of my favourite Northwest Washington Quilt Shops.  When I was down there in early June the row by row patterns weren't available and when I came home from Sisters in July the stores were all closed.  First stop was at Calico Creations in Mount Vernon.  Love all the wonderful samples they have in their store.  Anyone ready for Christmas yet?  Laura Heine designs these wonderful collage patterns.
 I've been to Laura's shop in Billings Montana and I'd be in deep trouble if I lived closer to it.
 I love the effect of these quilts on the rustic brickwork.
 Cute sly fox.
 Love this rainbow coloured quilt with the black and white background.  See that car in the lower right corner.  That is the shop's On The Go row.  I can't believe I forgot to photograph it.  Unfortunately she only has the pattern on the free giveaway and no picture.  I'll have to look and see if I can find an image to share with you.
 I'm not a cat person so when I see dog quilts I giggle, aren't these guys cute/
 Rainbow houses.
 Look at all those White and Black fabric!
 All those fabric to the left are part of her $8 corner!
 Another view of the corner and yes I did find something to come home with me in it.  Afterwards I saw a sign to my left of where I was standing and there were more clearance fabrics in a large storage cupboard!
 Great fish and bird quilts for the nature lover.
 Look at her collection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics!  I think it is the biggest in the Northwest.
 Baby bear over the door as I exited.
 I found Calico Creations Facebook page here.. I borrowed the image of their row to share with you.  Is it not too cute!
The next stop was at Cotton Pickins' in Stanwood.  Made sure I photographed their row right away.  You can see their Flower row from a previous year to the right.  She also designed a wonderful mermaid row for the water year.

 Great inspiration for a quilt and sewing machine shop.
 Love this little Halloween corner.
 A few more of her Halloween goodies.
 She has designed some fun wool felt pins kits.
 She participated in the Wooly Block last year.  Sadly I'm not a cat person but her block is cute.
 Hello Kitty!
 This is part of her children print corner with some lovely bright colours.
 A corner for chefs.
 Some lovely inspirations on the wall.
 At her entrance she had a quilter's garage sale happening.
 Under the mini lights is where she cuts her fabric and rings you out.
 Cute button and a mini trailer quilt.
 Love the pink flamingo and the retro trailer.
 The final stop for the day was Aunt Mary's Quilt shop.  A favourite place to stop with mom when we travelled along I-5.  Carol always asks after mom who has gifted her with some of her knitted dishcloths over the years.  Is this house row not too cute!
 Snowman alphabet.
 Carole's previous row by rows
 Here is this year's On the Go.  She always has a fun embroidered and coloured row.
 Love this version of Laura Heine's travel trailer.
 Love this triangle quilt.
 Carole always has some lovely vignettes on the top of her shelves.
 I have a cousin Carol and her mom was my Aunt Mary!
 Is this dachshund quilt not adorable!
 This pillow is wonderful, I think a friend may need to make two.  She just adopted two dachshund cross puppies.
 That quilt draped over the chair looks like it belongs to the witch enjoying her brew.
 I did buy a bit of fabric.  First from Aunt Mary's if you see anything you want you can contact her here and I'm sure she will send it to you.
 I missed the cabbages the first time they came out so I got it along with the sale dots...
 ..and this Seattle inspired print from Calico Creations.
 I have a featherweight and am always photographing bees so these two came home with me.
 Along with the bee on the go! 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Friday Adventures

Friday I went to lunch with some friends who had driven together in one car.  Afterwards I decided to go on a little drive to check out a new to me quilt shop in Maple Ridge called Dinky Doo Quilt Shop.  She's had an on line presence for awhile and opened a bricks and mortar shop some time ago.  You can check out their on line store here. They were packing up the monthly fat quarter club envelops as I visitted.
 The shop has very clean look to it. They are part of the Modern Quilt movement here in the Vancouver B.C. area.  That tote on the floor housed their sale fabrics which were deeply discounted.
 They carry Moda Bella Solids, not always that easily found and good to know.  They also have some of the grunge line and their new dots.
 They have some great notions on the triangle display.
 Love the saying on this tote bag!
 Their samples are lovely love the crossed sticks that are incorporated into this lone star block.
 Their mascot Dinky Doo.
 They have some lovely gift ware what a great glass for taking to retreat or whenever!
 Coffee or tea?
 You get the feeling you could peel the post it off and add a new one but it is actually part of the mug.
 Some pillows, toes and a table runner.
 The Moda pattern Love made up with a charm square pack.
 A new kit made by Gingiber by Moda called Merrily.
 I've seen the Rifle Paper Wonderland and they had some.  I got yardage of the cream and pieces of the other four.
 Love those stacking teacups and teapots.  Alice and the Queen featured on the other.
 My friend Anna made up Thicket for her new grandson and I've been tempted to buy the panels.
 There are four animals on the large one.
 And 16 small ones that all came home with me.
 I'm on their mailing list and in the morning they had sent out they had this double wide fabric in two colour ways.  I got the last piece of the black on white and the same amount of the white on black.
 If you are in the area I'd check it out the staff were lovely and I will definitely go back for another visit.

On the way home I went to another shop and picked up two more of the American regions of the Cantik mystery blocks.  I've been to both the Great Plains and Deep South regions.  I need to review the ones I've bought and see if I need any other regions before I start making these up.
Enjoy the balance of your long weekend if your province is having its provincial day.  Today is looking a bit brighter despite the smoke in the air.