Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Welcome to 2020 and a new brighter day.

New Year's Day and Eve were wet, grey and blustery all day and into the evening but look what I've awoken to.  Lovely sunshine and clearing skies.  I plan to go for a bit of a walk along the quay before going to see my mom.
 This is the word I've chosen for this year.  I wear this pewter bangle and as you can see it has lettering that is wearing off saying Wish Dream Imagine.  The other day I thought it said Inspire and chose it for my word.  When I went to take the photo I realized my error but chose to keep the word.
 Here is my #yearofcolour from you enter you Instagram account name and it generates the colours that were popular in your pictures.  This is the small spot representation, you can change it to medium, large and huge and the patterns change.
 I also had fun with some of the features and removed some of the dull but increased the dark and got these configurations.
 Ii think I focused on a different ratio for this second configuration.
 I also did a Best 9 and as you see here is where those colours come. 5 influenced from Sue Spargo designs.  The sisterhood blocks were the ones I made to send away except for the one with the card.  It was one I received.  Uschi is holding up her original design of a bear in the top right.
 Even nature gets in on my inspirations.
 I'm inspired by what is around me.
 A closer look reveals some wonderful designs in the water.
 Up on Burnaby mountain an owl carved by some Japanese carvers as a gift to the city.
 Love the bear.
 Buttermilk Basin design I made into Sandi colours.
 A bag gifted to me by my friend Debbie knowing I like pink and orange combinations.
 Her finishing details are gorgeous, what she didn't know is I have a handbag in these colours with me tucked inside another tote I had along.
 Another Buttermilk Basin block in my colours.
 He has snowflakes in his eyes.
 So what or whom will inspire you in 2020?  There is so much out there for us to find inspiration in and from.  Have a wonderful year.  I'm about to go out and get inspired with my walk along the quay.