Sunday, 13 June 2010

Rita's Garden is just beautiful right now. Today started rather cloudy after a rain shower this morning. I snapped this peony from two different angles to capture some of the raindrop still hanging onto it.The colour of it is just beautiful, it almost sparkles without any sun shining on it.
Her poppies are also beautiful, this one is almost in full bloom.
This one is starting to show it's seed pod.
This one in profile was just lovely with the raindrops hanging onto the petals.
Here is a longer shot of the same flower above, with some seed pods forming. I'll have to ask her to save some for me, I love this shade of pink.
Here is one of the peach poppies just in bud, are not the hairs on the bud just wonderful?
Here are some of her double snapdragons...she really needs a blog to show off her gardening skills, I'll take the pictures and she can do the writing!
When I downloaded this photo I was surprised to see the ant included in the photo. Look at about 3 o'clock on the left blossom.
Farther along the quay I found these pink daisy like blossoms.
I'm not sure what these are the seed pods for, but they remind me of a lion's mane or one of the beards from the guys in ZZ Top!
Are these globes just not perfect? The colour shows off so nicely in the cloudy skies.

Later in the day the sun shone through and bathed the flower in warmth, we've had a very wet Spring, but the flowers are shining through it all.