Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Roses in December!

On November 30th I got the last of my sitting bunnies stitched which is the deadline for the next month's instructions to arrive.  Sarah was a day early so it arrived on the 29th here as we are almost a full day behind her time zone in Australia.
 I decided to keep the hearts the same and also the circles for these borders.
 You might notice that they all have Sew in approximately the same place on the hearts.
 I also added an inner ear on the front ear, Sarah had it on her placement guide but didn't share the pattern as she chose not to have it on her sitting bunnies.
 A couple of the participants made them longer limb than the pattern, one person did a ying and yang set of bunnies instead of the heart in the circle.  It's amazing what is out there in cyber land if you look for hash tag downtherabbitholequilt or sarahfielkebom2017 on Instagram.
 My design wall won't show the whole quilt but here is her line drawing of what's next vines and flowers and on December 15th we get the final pieced border instructions.
 I've had a pair of visitors to my patio recently.  Couldn't get them both at the same time.  One flew off.
 They are Norther Flickers.
 I got out and took a few pictures of the Super moon on Sunday evening.
 Caught it just before it disappeared behind the clouds.
 Today we woke up to frost on the quay and beautiful blue skies.
 The snow on the Golden Ears mountains looks nice and inviting and hopefully with stay up there than down at my level.
 This is the world's tallest Tin Man!  He got a new paint job a couple of years ago and is looking dapper against the blue sky.  Soon he'll be in the shadow of a condo that is being built behind him.
 Such a dapper guy.
 The Riverside Market has some great graphics on the exterior.
 Tre Galli makes wonderful gelato, coffee and pizza.
 Longtail kitchen used to be a fish shop but the graphic suits it well, they have great Thai food.
 Roses still blooming in early December.
 This looks like a filter but that is how the rose actually looked with the side lighting sunshine.
 Love this one against the background of the tree trunk.
 Pampus Grass up close and personal.
 A bit farther away against the blue sky.
 Rose hips and a fading rose.
 I always forget the name of this flowering tree that starts blooming in December.
 The blossoms are so delicate but strong.
 There are lots of buds yet to come.
 All the leaves have gone along the quay.
 Love the effect of this peeling bark Maple.
 Yes we do have wild life down here, raccoons, skunks and coyotes are in the urban neighbourhood.
 The periwinkle suffered in our hot summer but is putting out blossoms now.
 My wreath looked better against the white door but I still love it against the almost same colour of red.
 Such a pretty shaped tree with all the leaves gone.  Still waiting on parts for the water pump but the ponds are now full.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mushrooms and Trees

After a long hot dry summer I was surprised this Autumn with all the different varieties of Mushrooms I've seen on my walks along the quay.  No I don't know their proper names or if they are edible or not.  I'm just fascinated with all the colours and shapes.
 This one looks like a gnome must have sat on the edge to cause the deformity.
 This is one of my favourite groupings.  It was hidden under a rhododendron bush.
 A different perspective of the ones above with a few added friends.
 Looks close to the ones above but none of the orange or brown colouration.
 These I found around the base of a rose bush.
 A teeny tiny one.
Love how they layer together overlapping.
 Decapitated by the wind or an animal.
 I flipped it over to find the colour.  It was probably close to 8" in diameter!
 Interesting fringe version.
 Weird shapes.
 Another interesting shaped grouping.
 Love the colour and shape of this one.
 A neighbour pushing thru looking almost perfectly formed.
 Deep under a mossy carpet under a rhododendron.
 Love these skinny stemmed variety.
 Love the shapes of their caps I imagine some fairies dancing amongst them.
 Here are all my swap trees.  The Jane Sassaman dot print is pink and red and hard to get a good colour representation against the bright green.
 Red and green striped versions were my second grouping.
The Pink, Red and Green ones together.
 A green, red and white text with a green and white text version.
 My golden yellow and white version.
 The red, green, white and golden yellow versions together.

Finally a sampling of each of the colour ways together.  They soon will be in the mail to California and close to Christmas I've have a surprise sent back to me.
 Today my friend Anna shared she is doing a pincushion exchange with a group of stitching friends.  It reminded me of a couple that I made in November 2010.

This one was part of a Fall-O-Ween blog hop and was designed by Kim Diehl. If you are interested you can click here and get a copy of the pattern.
This second one was inspired by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt blog. Sadly she is no longer posting on the blog but has lots of inspiration and tutorials that you can access by clicking here.