Thursday, 21 December 2017

Wonky Star Block Instagram Swap

One of the gals in the swap asked for black on blacks for the backgrounds of her stars.  I have a lot of these and decided to make some for her and keep some for myself.  Each person will make two blocks for everyone in the swap.  Most of us agreed to be a star angel in case someone dropped out and we also agreed to ship internationally.  There are two other Canadians in my group and the rest are living in the U.S. A.  it is a person to person swap not sent into a central person who sorts and then sends out the blocks.
 Some of the fabrics work out well, some not as well as I thought they would.  The navy batik doesn't work all that well as star points but great in the centre.  If anyone is on Instagram look for #wonkystars2018 or #wonkstarswap2018 to see what other groups are doing.
 I had some scraps of turquoise left over from my Down The Rabbit Hole and Happy Days BOM that I'd see how they worked into the mix.
 The navy batik is more successful as star points against the white.
 I also used the turquoise and white print on a few of the background blocks.
 I managed to make all these blocks over two days and pleased how they came together.
 This one has a woven fabric that moves from yellow to orange to red depending on how it was cut.
 This one has two of the woven fabric as star points. Along with pencils, measuring tape and pineapples.
 When making the points I didn't really try and match the star point prints.  But if I had the same print at what was already sewn I'd put it back.  I may try and match a couple in the next sets I sew.
 This block I tried to stay in the yellow and turquoise prints.
 This one was an experiment that I'll probably keep and not trade.  I've something in mind for it.
 This will be another keeper.  Funny I never realized I had the same navy batik on opposite points until I was typing this up.
 Woven fabric centre with different pinks, yellow and oranges.
 Wild centre.
 These ones are being traded.
 These will be kept for me at the present.
Today is the Winter Solstice and this little guy wants to say hi, and enjoy the longest night of the year.

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