Friday, 7 December 2018

December, What Happened to November? Dinky-Doo Quilt Shop "Not So Grand Opening."

We've had an incredible stretch of great weather the past few weeks and now have some snow on our local mountains.  Several of our local ski hills have opened for the season and more joining soon.
 The World's Tallest Tin Man looking dapper against the blue skies earlier this week.
 Today I went out to Pitt Meadows for Dinky-Doo Quilt Shop's "Not So Grand Opening!"  The space is huge and they are still working on filling it up.
 I stood in front of their double wide fabrics and took a picture across the space.  It's located in an industrial area near the Pitt Meadow's Airport.  They also have an online quilt shop click here to view.
 Looking to the left where Brandon was busy cutting fabrics.
 Their double wide and fireside backing fabrics I was standing in front of when I took the first two pictures.
 Their Dinky-Doo mascot busy sewing for Christmas.
 Some of their newly arrived fabrics and the Glide sewing thread wall at the back.
 Wall of Aurifil threads and some other goodies in the window.
 Their wall of Moda solid colours.
 More temptation with pre-cuts on top.
 Standing outside looking at some of the parking and fields beyond.  Some Canada Geese flew overhead just as I stepped out.
 Things I couldn't resist when I was checking out the shop.  Great sale and an additional 10% off your total purchase today and tomorrow!
 Looks like a change in the weather tonight.  We may get some freezing rain and or snow overnight.
 What happened to November?
 Some of the toadstools I saw in November.
 Love these rounded ones, they start out rounded and a bit yellow as they emerge from the ground and then the stems lengthen and the top flattens.
 Some of the colourful maples held on to the end of the month.
 Some of the gorgeous blue skies we had.
 Pretty red maple leaves.
 My friend was going to send this sewing basket to the thrift shop and she let me take it home!
 Love the inside smocked effect.
 Made in Czechoslovakia.
 It reminded me of my little hexagon sewing box. Similar woven design.
 Mine has green accents and no smocking inside.
 I'm guessing the original owners name.
 The two on top of each other.
 Mine inside the larger one.
 Gorgeous crescent moon and sunset.
 Sitting under the bare trees and looking up along the trunk and branches.
 I prepped about 80 or more leaves for my Grasshopper quilt and am sewing them on.
 A picture of all the different colours I chose.
 Prepping my first block of Sue Spargo's Fresh Cut.  My friend Uschi Grenier has kitted the fabrics with her hand dyed wools. She is still working on dying her wools and getting her website up. Click here for the link and sign up for her newsletter.
 I decided I wanted to change out the polka dot fabric for a smaller print. I'm working on some of the embellishing stitching.
 I've finished all the French Knots on this flower now.
 I couldn't resist Primitive Gatherings annual Thanksgiving Sale. I don't think I'll get this done for this year but I've traced all the templates. Now to prep the wool that came with the pattern.
 I couldn't resist this one either.  No kit just the pattern.
 This pattern spoke to me also, I don't think I'll add the borders but will decide once I get the blocks done.
 As always you get some free patterns along with a pin cushion kit when you buy during the sale.
Guess I better get stitching.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Harrison Hot Springs 2018.

I've lost track of how many retreats I've attended here, I do know I missed one when I broke a bone in my foot in 2010 and also went to the test retreat before it became sanctioned by our guild.
 This year again we got two ballrooms where we had tables around the perimeter, cutting and basting tables at the end.  Dining area at the end where I was along with the buffet and serving tables.
 Let me tell you those round tables served double duty at times.  This was very early on the Friday after Canadian Thanksgiving and not too many of us had arrived yet.
 Typically we have dinner the first night Friday and the breakfast and dinner on the Saturday. Breakfast on the Sunday.  Almost half stay for the Sunday night and we either go our, dine in the cocktail bar or order pizza in that evening.  The Monday morning we get a coffee service and are out by 2.
 I decided to bring my wonky stars from my Instagram swap and put them together.  I literally opened an envelop and put the contents on the wall.  I was in a double swap group and also added some of the extra blocks I couldn't part with into the mix.
 I moved a few things around and decided on this setting...which of course got changed a bit when I started sewing it together.

 I took a bit of a break and went out for a walk.  Clouds with just a bit of blue in the sky.
 It is so pretty, we had some major forest fires in this area last year but you can't see where they were.
 Some pops of colour between the evergreens.
 Love the colour of this vine's leaves.
 A bit of sun hitting the hillside.
 Some lovely yellow.
 I love this bright pink that faded into a pink white petal.
 I love wonky funky flowers and this one definitely hits the mark.
 Maple leaves turning.
 That night a friend showed a gorgeous crescent moon on her Instagram account.  It was cloudy here so I went for the twinkling lights on the tree trunks.
 Love the look they give the leaves.
 Back at it and I got my first row pretty much done and you can see I'm starting to build other units together.  This is rather like building a jigsaw puzzle. Progress at about 7 p.m.
 After dinner sewing view from my workstation.
 We had a few drop out but ironing stations around the room were busy.
End of day one progress is coming along nicely.
 A walk after lunch show some blue skies and a bit of snow on them thar mountains.
 A peaceful but deadly lake, sadly there have been lives lost due to weeds just off shore several times.

 By 3 p.m the top is done.  I was going to trim down on the far right but now have decided to add a thin strip on the lower half so I don't loose those star point.  I intentionally make a couple of star points on the bottom row one orange and the other yellow which is a bit harder to see.
 Here are some close ups of some of my favourite stars I received.
 Love the bird.
 Several bunny prints were gifted.
 Love this mini yellow star.
 Hard to see but there is a cute mouse and bike background fabric that I got from several people.
 Clothes pegs!
 I'm a sucker for fabrics with words.
 This is Shimmer by Cynthia.
 Spools of thread by Nancy.
 Candy Canes by Sandi B.
 Beautiful machine quilting on a domestic machine by Lynne.
 My stars on my bed for the weekend.
 It doesn't hang over on the left side but does a bit on the right.
 I'm doing another BOM this one is designed by  Chris Jurd of Patchwork Fundamentals. She has an Etsy shop for her pattern, this was month one.
 Rita's tinner made into a preemie top.
 Another walking break with lovely sunshine.
 Some interesting gourds seen on the walk.
 Love this one.
 Sasquatch will pose with you.  There are several around the town.
 A couple of boats out.
 Clear skies.
 Better picture of the snow.

 A bit more colour amongst the evergreens.
 I managed to make a test alternating block for my Simple Folk.  I think I'll have use the dark turquoise only in the nine patches as when it's in the X they muddy out with the green background.  Fortunately I didn't cut a lot of the kite shape.
 Block two of the Jigsaw Mystery quilt.  A bit of a challenge, the small square in a square measurements were off so I adapted the triangles to sew on.
 Block two and block one.  Block three consists of three different units, which I still have to cut.  I'm liking the look of them.
I can't believe that Hallowe'en is just two days away.  Where has the month gone?