Monday, 31 July 2017

Quilts, Bikers, Buttermilk Basin and Sunset.

On July 22nd, my local quilt shop had a mini quilt show of quilts made by their employees along with a fundraiser by her son who is the president of BACA.  Bikers Against Child Abuse.   Debbie graciously donated all proceeds from her sample sale to go to this cause.
 This was the Cantik Batik Mystery BOM that one of the gals put together.  She changed the one for Quebec to represent a Sucre Shack rather than was it was in the kit.
 Debbie has a very accomplish staff of quilters.
 I did ask if I could take pictures of the bikers but decided not to have them pose for them.  These are some impressive Dudes and Dudettes.  One of the Dudettes is also a quilter!
 I got a great apron to help along their cause and Debbie sent out an e-mail to say they had raised $4400 for the cause.  The also had a hot dog sale by donation.
 Here are a few more of the staff quilts.
 Just after we arrived it started to rain, fortunately they put some tarps up just before it started.
 I love this tidal pool runner.
 Bright rainbow pineapples.  Debbie also had a sale in the store where if you purchased clearance fabrics or regular fabrics she would donate $1-2 per metre to the Red Cross for victims of the wildfires that are devastating our province right now.  She was in Florida earlier when the gunman went on a rampage at the airport and was in that particular terminal.  The Red Cross came with coffee and cookies to help ease the concerns before they could continue on their way.  They collected $600 to donate to them.  Congratulations to Debbie and her family along with her staff on their great support to two needed groups.  Also congratulations and thanks to my fellow quilters for coming out to support our local quilt shop!
 I finally figured out what to do for a fourth block for the Buttermilk Basin mystery BOM.  I took some elements of two of the blocks and made my own lettering.  It's ready to be sandwiched an quilted so I can hang it next year.
 I also got a start on the Summer blocks.  I've change up the colours significantly and am using Diamond Textiles for my backgrounds.
 This is the second block.  I'm currently working on the third one and have to figure out what to do for my fourth block.
 The first Autumn block is available on the website.  If you are interested in kits of the first two seasons or the present free Autumn block you can get them here on their website. She also has the first Autumn block already kitted if you'd like it.  The new pattern is released on the second Friday of the month.

The other evening I glance up to this interesting reflection of the sunset.  I grabbed my camera took it from my balcony because I knew if I went out on the quay I'd miss it.  Love the effect.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Road Home from Sisters.

I went back into Salem to check out The Cotton Patch as I saw it on the Row by Row Experience website and had not been there before and was in need of a driving break.
 It's set back from the road and shares a parking lot with a hardware store on the left.
 The store isn't hug but it has a nice selection of fabrics.
 They also have a good selection of gift items and inspiration around the shop.
 Their row is a vertical on and is meant to be a tree, but seeing it sideways makes me think of maple leaves floating down a stream and getting caught up on rocks.
 Love that over sized star block.
 Spools next to a wild life panel.
 I'm always a sucker for Scottie profiles.
 Re-purposing a plant hold for fabric display.
 The bigger picture. Here is a link to their website.
 Next stop was at Cool Cottons in Portland.  Anna recently did a Quilt Roadies video on this shop and I was curious to check it out.
 Love older homes with hardwood floor that become quilt shops.
 Great track lighting to show of the fabrics.
 Here is their modern domestic row of geese.  I've seen several variations for the On the Go theme using the flying gees block.
 Rich colours.
 Pinks and oranges.
 Mini bolts, contemplated buying one fabric and went back and someone else has picked it up.  Hoping she wouldn't buy the whole bolt I waited.  But she bought it all.  Lesson learned, pick it up and then decided.
 Black and whites with pops of colour.
 Their previous and current license plates.
 Cool greens and aquas. Here is a link to their website.
 Next stop was Modern Domestic in Portland.  I'd heard of this shop and decided to find it.
 Love the exposed ceiling with the ducts and lighting.
 Lots of colour, they also carry fabrics suitable for clothing.
 They offer long arm quilting.
 Lovely display area.
 What a cute On the Go row!
 I looked into the classroom and they had the younger generation doing a class.  I asked permission to take a picture and the teacher asked them to bow their heads so their identities were kept private.  So nice to see the future in sewing and quilting getting an early start. Here is a link to their website.
 Sunday after the lecture Robin packed up to go home and I stayed over until Monday morning.
 Robin, Anna and their friend Lori who was up in Alaska fishing were the recipients of my three baby Bionic Gear Bags.  Robin works in clay and made me a delightful ruler holder with the imprint of an owl that I have yet to take a picture of.
 I had posted some pictures on Instagram and Lori and Anna had both commented on them so I was happy they've gone to a good home.  Robin doesn't follow on Instagram.
 Each bag is different as these three often go on retreats and sewing adventures together.
 I've got to make my version in another zipper accent colour.
 I'm glad they are already being used.  Anna is camping and took hers along.
 Anna gifted me with these two zipper bags.
 Inside was a fabric rendition of the 2017 SOQS poster.
 Anna bought me a couple of treasures from her last road trip to Arizona.
 She got me the wooly block from Quilter's Quarters in Cottonwood Arizona.
 I've already cut out the block and getting ready to sew it.  Using my own stash for it.
 She also gave me their 2016 row.
 The Snow Covered Desert will join the Snowman from Pioneer Quilts.
 and the Winter Wonderland crow from Something To Crow About the and the 9th block.
 I also purchased Snow Bunny from Fiddlesticks.  All my wool blocks are prepped and ready to stitch.
I also got the latest Quilt Folk magazine in Bend when I went there.  They have both an American and Canadian dollar price but so far I've not found it locally.  I contacted the publisher and so far they haven't found a Canadian company to bring it it.  So my advise to my Canadian friends is to ask your local book store that carries magazines to ask for it and hopefully we can get it here.
 The most recent issue is on Hawaii.  You can get single issues from the website or a subscription. Here is a link to their website. You can get a subscription for $75 or you can buy individual issues also.
I also stopped in at Pacific Fabrics in SODO, aka Seattle to pick up one of their rows.  I had hoped to get home by 6 but it was 8 due to rediculous traffic all the way to the border out of Seattle.  But glad to be safe and sound.