Thursday, 13 July 2017

Checking out Quilt Shops along I-5.

Last Thursday morning I headed south of the border for the weekend.  For the first time in many years I saw three mountains I've not seen in quite some time.  The first on was Rainier Mountain near Seattle, but no where to pull over to take a picture.  The next one was St. Helene's mountain shown here.  The last was Mt. Hood as I crossed over the 205 bridge into Portland, again in traffic so no picture.  I made a brief stop in Seattle and went to Pacific Fabrics to pick up one of their four vertical rows, but forgot to take a picture.  My GPS wasn't playing nicely so I couldn't get to the SODO location.
 My next stop was in Chehalis at Sister's Fabrics, I always enjoy this shop and this visit was not an exception.
 Here is their fun On The Go Row of beetles driving along the country side.
They have an amazing selection of Kaffe Fasset fabrics but I resisted temptation.
 They group their fabrics in colour families and have lots of samples hanging on available wall space.
 So much temptation.
 Here is a closer glimpse of the Kaffe Fasset Fabrics.
 This is a must see shop if you are in Southern Washington.
 Looks like sherbet colours.
 Love turquoise.
 Lemon yellows.
 Hot pinks with greens in the next row.
 I continued down to Fiddlesticks in Vancouver Washington another favourite shop.
 Ann Shaw patterns are on display all over this wonderful shop.
 They also group their fabrics in colour families.
 They have some lovely quilts on display.
 A whimsical tutu to tempt you.
 Some Ann Shaw designs.
 More Ann Shaw, love the doll.
 Their cash area with more Ann Shaw.
 Their On The Go Row/
 Love that duck, one day he will come home with me.
 A peek into the classroom.
 Lori Holt Farm Girl Quilt.
 Love this dog by Ann Shaw.
 First stop in Portland was Fabric Depot.  This is the Costco of fabric shops.
 They group designer collections together, along with various fabric houses.  They also do theme collections such as sewing, landscape, music.
 So many choices.
 They also have a huge garage sale area outside.
 They have a huge cutting area and are very efficient on how they get you to a cutter.
 Last stop of the day was at Pioneer Quilts, I got there 15 minutes before they closed!
 They have a mix of cotton and wool for their hot air balloon On The Go row.
 Love sweet peas, my dad used to always grow some, maybe one day I will have to make one of these.
 They also did a Wooly Block in the autumn and I got a kit to do.
 Traffic out of Portland to Salem was horrendous.  Had I known that Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe was opened till 8 and closed on Mondays I would have hung out there for awhile.

It was a long busy day but lots of good things to enjoy.


WoolenSails said...

Someday I will have to head west, would love to see those areas.
Great quilt shops to visit and fun row quilts.


Kyle said...

All those wonderful shops in one day. My brain would have exploded!

The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun on your travels. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Nessie

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your travels, I enjoyed the pictures along with the quilt shops to add to my bucket list!

Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

What great fun! Thanks for sharing. I love the hot air balloon row best, but the little VWs are wonderful, too. Lots of great rows from Washington - last year, too. Thanks for sharing pics of the shop. That last one looks like almost too much of a good thing!