Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Taking a Break on Quilt Show Day, off to Bend and Redmond.

There is just no way you can see everything when you go to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Too many crowds, too many quilts and often it just gets too hot.  I decided to take a break and drive over to Bend and first check out the Portraits show at Quiltworks.  If you ever get to this area Quiltworks has a second floor gallery that they rotate show each month and it is well worth the trip.  This time there were portraits of Dogs..
 People, this was Shh...It's a Secret! by Cindy O'Neal.  It was a challenge for the Mt. Bachelor Quilt guild Clue Board Game.  The challenge was to choose three card, one suspect, one room, one weapon and let those be your challenge.  Room Library, hence Shh! Suspect Mr. Green, colour of the coat.  Weapon was the rob the green cord around the white grid represents the rope.  Notice the arrow in the upper left hand of the white grid...it leads to the Secret Passage that leads from one room to another.  Serious Clue players know this.  This piece won Viewer's Choice in 2015.
 Under the Sea by Candy Woods represents a dream vacation in 2011 to celebrate their 47th anniversary using teachniques taught by Freddy Moran in 2013 using collage techniques.
 Coming Home by Charlotte Sara Oakes.  Sockeye salmon travel hundreds of miles in 2-6 years to return to their place of birth.
 Grandpa's 80th Birthday by Eileen Heber.  Based on a article in September 2013 American Quilter Magazine titled Portrait Quilts in Five Values by Lea McComas.
 Mike's Portrait [still in progress] by Corni Quinlivan.  Froma favourite photograph of my husband mike and the value based contemporary realistic meathod learned in a Grace Errea class.  She is still working on adding shadows to one side and fixing that pesky eye behind those glasses.  raw edge applique made in 2016.
 I always wanted a purple streak in my hair by Corni Quinlivan.  Using techniques by Grace Errea she developed this self portrait making sure to add a purple streak in her hair something she would never do in real life.
 Hoo's There by Patricia Roland.  Created in a thread paintin workshop with Barbara Shapel.  She used her own original driving of a Great Horned Owl.
 Detail of Owl.
 Lunch by Patricia Roland an original design of hers using a combination of thread and paint to creat the flower and caterpillar on this two sided quilt.
 Caterpillar detail
 Flower detail
 Looking down onto the main floor.  I got there early and it was quiet as so many people were at the show.
 A few other shoppers joined me.
 Wool corner.
 Wool patterns.
 More wool.
 Their On the Go row, flying geese.
 Next I went to BJ Fabric Basket.  They have a new owner and it is reflected in the reorganization of the shop.
 Lots of samples.
 Beautiful rainbow star.
 Their row winner for this year.
 More rainbow triangles in a different setting. Their row is the plane with the quilt banner.  I think I forgot to get it!
 Lots of temptation
 Next stop was the new location of Sew Many Quilts.  They used to have two long narrow rooms adjacent to each other.  They now have a huge rectangle space they they have definitely filled.  No row for them as the design was due as they were moving to the new location.
 Civil war inspired prints.
 Lots of samples to choose from.
 Brights on display.
 They always have a great Halloween project display.
 Great use of a panel.
 Mini quilts projects.
 Stitchery projects.
 Christmas on display.
 This year the light was red in Redmond so I could get a picture of this sculpture.  The area within the circle at the top rotated with the wind.
 Material Girls has this cute row.  The shop was busy and too hard to take any photos this year.
 Stitchin' Post on top, Quiltworks in Bend and Material Girls on the bottom.
I got back to Sisters in time to drive with Anna and Robin and help receive and refold quilts so they could be checked in. Here is a link to Anna's video on the day of the quilt show. At the end you will see how they were brought in and folded. A very hot end to a hot day!


Kyle said...

The portrait quilts are totally mind-blowing. I wouldn't even know where to begin to do something like that. So glad you got to see them

Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

Thanks so much for always sharing the beautiful things you see. The owl is so amazing, and I love the caterpillar and flower almost as much. What a talented bunch of quilters hang out there!

The little book of Nessie said...

More beautiful quilts and shops you have seen on your travels. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Nessie