Monday, 14 January 2013

Frosty morning and a forest of trees.

January 3rd the morning started out foggy, but a short time later the sun came out and armed with my camera I set out for a walk.
The remaining roses looked like they had been painted with a frosty edge.
The sun highlighted the details of the petals of the flowers.
Walking along to the River Market the fog started to move away.
One of the Palm trees looked like it was made of glass.
An hour later I walked back towards home and took this picture.
Then I turned around and the fog was still present.
The walkway was frosty and slippery but with the sun shining made some interesting designs.
This skeleton of a leaf looked lovely with the frost.
A week later the witch hazel is starting to put forth splashes of colour.
My hoochy mama block forest of polka dot and striped tree trunks are in Santa Monica, I wonder what will come home to me?
Blogger is making it difficult to post photos, I hope this works out.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 New Beginnings; a new word CREATIVITY.

One last look last night at the sky showed some lovely pink highlights; what a lovely way to end the year.
This year is full of promise of creativity if the sky is any inspiration.  Creativity in living, planning, photographs, quilting and anything else you choose.

Creativity is my word for 2013, what is yours?