Thursday, 31 May 2018

Quilt Canada back in Vancouver!

In 1998 I attended my first Quilt Canada in Vancouver as a participant.  It has been back to B.C. but not in Vancouver until the show opened today.  Last night the Best In Show was announced and The Wet Spring of 2017 by Helen Fujiki.
 There were huge crowds of course around it but I did manage to get one detail shot before moving away for others to see.  I hope to get a few more when I return.

 Quail Convention by R. Leslie Forbes, she does some amazing work.

 I first saw Ice Fishing Village by Brigiette Villeneuve, Diane Cote and Doris Boivin on the Quilt Show blog, sadly they just referred to the creators as a group of Quebec Quilters!

 Managed to snag some great detail pictures below, check them all out.

 I was drawn by the colours in Helen Fujkik's Cremini Madness, it wasn't until I put the pictures onto my blog that I realized she was the Best in Show Winner!

 Streamside Stillness is exactly that by Karen Johnson.

 Colourful Dream by Lise Belanger.

 I completely missed the portrait of the little girl because of the crowds around Rainy Day Blues by Patricia Dance.  She has some lovely clear beads to add to the shimmer of the piece.

 I was astounded that Fisherman's Wharf by Miguel was done by 5 different people, it is almost seamless where one started and the next joined the party. The fabric for the sky and the yellow were the only shared fabrics within the group.

 Again the whimsy of Adapted Transportation by Dianne Chretien caught my eye, inspired by a friend's artistry.

 Robin Fischer created Music Bubble from some linen she dyed.  Robin is a fellow Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild member and won a prize for this I believe.

 The Cloth Shop was my introduction to Quilting, a coworker and I took a class in the Spring of 1988.  The shop has been a mainstay in Vancouver for more than 35 years!  Still a favourite of mine.
 My local quilt shop The Needle and I were busy as bees as I walked by for a quick hi!
 My friend Uschi who dyes wool, designs and teaches had her own booth! She is almost ready to launch her new website Woolies on the Coast. which is so appropriate as she lives in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast of B.C.  This is her new design that she is going to launch as a BOM!
 Last week she was still stitching that red goat which is a Sue Spargo design.
 I love the colours that Uschi dyes her wool, linen and silk velvet.
 There was a display by the Vancouver Modern Guild at the show.
 More of the modern guild.
 Checkmate by Margaret Gordon

 "Rusting" in Peace was another muliperson 8 this time quilt.  An original photo was sliced into 8 and each participant completed and embellished their own slice not sharing any fabrics

 Sand Flower by Janet Archibald is a local New Westminster quilter that I admire.  She realized sand dollars have 5 not 8 so it became a flower.

 The brochure for the show.
 I sat in on a lecture about Schmetz needles and got this little book with hints and recommendations.
 As I entered I got the Love Gammikl as a freebie.  The Wonderfil bag was given when I got some Sue Spargo threads.
 I've been wanting to try one of these Fabric Folding Pens for my starch freezer paper template technique and got one while at the show.
 I got 5 Perle 5 Sue Spargo Eleganza spools.
 I also got 3 Perle 8 threads and one Perle 3 of the Eleganza.
 The clouds were starting to part when I left the convention centre for the day and walked towards the Canada Place hotel which was built for Expo 86.
 The blue/green roof is the iconic Hotel Vancouver.
 The Marine Centre always reminds me of a Wedding cake.
 The Sears Tower.
 The other side of Canada Place which is expecting 6 or 7 cruise ships this weekend.  The port and downtown are going to be busy with them and the Quilt Show.
I've still more pictures to share, a few of the information for the quilts didn't photograph well so I'll reshoot them and share them along with some of the winners from the TrendTex 30th Anniversary challenge.  Stay tuned!