Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I had fun last night with an app called Prisma on my IPad.  
 The original photo is the one on the top left, the one on the top right and bottom right are both Disco at different intensities.  The bottom left is one called Tears.
 These tulips against the forget me not flowers are some of my favourite for contrast...yes I know there is only one tulip in this photo.
 Yellow double tulips.
 White Bells.
  I took some pictures the other day and went to download them only to find I had not put my memory card back into my camera.  I went out the next day when it was bright but grey to get this back lit picture.
 A dark maroon and pale pink combination.
 Tulips in a planted along our cul du sac.
 So for the last three I've been sewing multiple units and then ironing and then going back to sew. I still need to finish up my four hand pieced blocks.  I sew first pairs together and then add additional pieces that need to be ironed after each step.
 Interesting once again I'm mimicking the colours of the tulips I photograph.
 The pink dotted and red dotted print are part of the same fabric. I decided to add the second green print that I used for the leaves of my first set of hand pieced blocks.
 Interesting that this month's blocks for Simple Folk has a small version of the Grasshopper heart.
May your month of May be filled with lots of Colour and Creativity!


WoolenSails said...

I have that app on my phone, fun to use. The flowers look beautiful, mine are finally blooming and the trees are finally opening up.
Your applique pieces came out beautifully, that is going to be a beautiful quilt.


Kyle said...

Your blocks are the colors you've been seeing in your neighborhood. Lovely.

Susan said...

You live in such a lovely area of flowers. I look forward to your pictures each year. The blocks reflecting those colors is interesting, and a little smile-worthy. The applique and the piecing both look great!