Thursday, 16 May 2019

Wait. What? It's May 16th! What Happened to April?

April had very few showers and a lot of flowers.  I didn't realize how many Magnolia trees are in New Westminster.
 Star Magnolias look so delicate.
 Our February Japanese Cherry Blossoms were very late this year as we had a cold spell with snow in February.
 The tulips were later and longer this year also.
 More Magnolias these ones are in my friend Rita's garden on the quay.
 So pretty.
 My favourite group of tulips outside our condo.
 Love this one.
 A couple days later the ones by my condo are opening up.
 Even the dandelions look great.
 So regal on one of our rainy days.
 My favourite brunch restaurant moved into a larger venue.  From 34 to 99 seats! Plus a larger outdoor seating area that they are prepping to open.
 They opened on Good Friday and boy were they busy.  I got a view of the kitchen
 Counting off groups of tickets to prep.  The wait was long.
 At one point the waiting line for the wait list was out the door.
 They make a fabulous Bacon Benny, I always take the fruit to go.
 The outdoor entrance, so they can be open later than the rest of the RiverMaket when they start doing dinner.  Right now they are just open for breakfast and lunch.
 Love rogue tulips amongst the many.
 These tulips remind me of Mary Englebreit flowers.
 Love the peonies that are starting to bloom.
 I decided to do two wool blocks of the month.  This is Sue Spargo's Fresh Cut.  My friend Uschi Greiner of Woolies On The Coast. She is working hard on getting her website up and running.
 She dyes her own wool and has substituted other fabrics as many from the original block of the month are out of print.
 Block 2, I'm waiting on some of the speciality threads to arrive so I'm working on multiple blocks with the colours I have.
 Love the Knotted Italian border stitch on the yellow polka dot fabric.
 This one has been fun to stitch.
 There are several birds scattered thru the quilt.
 I had lots of fun stitching on so many parts of this block. Cast on Bullion, chain stitch closed Fly stitch.
 Uschi didn't have the striped ribbon and she found just the perfect cotton striped fabric.
 The cream velvet flower was fun to add.
This was another fun one to stitch so far.
 Woven bars at the end of the chain stitch.
 Then Crested chain stitch and French knots were added.
 I've been trying to take up the challenge of stitching every day for a month.  So far I've stayed on track.  I'll probably stitch till the end of the month as I started almost a month ago.
 This is what I was working on last night.
 Lots of little bullion knots around the leaves and then as crosses on the small green circles.
 Woven backstitch.
 This is block 6 when I stopped.
 Now all the basics are done and the fun stitching is to start Spargoing it up.
 I used a periwinkle blue on that striped fabric which I think worked well in the deep V's of the leaf.
 I love the rich purple and teal paperweight print fabric on the leaves.
Next time I'll share my Something's Fishy BOM designed by Uschi which you can still join.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Cherry Blossoms are finally arriving!

In February we had record cold temperatures for the Vancouver area, not as bad as the rest of Canada and the North American continent but bad for us.  March is heading towards one of the driest yet!
 The weeping ornamental Cherry Tree is finally in bloom.  A few days ago I saw our resident mallard duck couple sunning themselves under the at that time no blossom tree.
 A view back in the courtyard towards the lobby.
 And towards the river view.  The three threes on the right had to be replaced several years ago and haven't caught up to the ones on the left.
 I love finding these rogue blossoms on the middle of the trunk.
 So pretty closed...
 Even prettier opened.
 The English pincushion daisies have had a rough go in February but have bounced back.

 Lots of river traffic again today, a barge with wood chips went down the river just before this one with ?gravel on it.
 Not sure if the tide was rising or falling but this guy was enjoying the perch.
 The grape hyacinths have exploded with flowers.
 A bit closer look at their tiny bells.
 The daffodils are finally giving a lovely show with the English pincushion daisies below.
 I finally started stitching on my first fish.  I've since added an outline stitch around the green head along with some French knots on the gill fin and upper dorsal one.