Thursday, 20 May 2010

Happy 85th birthday Mom! Glad you had a great day celebrating with family and friends.

Enjoyed our lovely dinner together tonight and I know you loved your lunch with Brian, Yolanda and grandson Cody today.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mary Lou Weidman's Out of the Box Retreat was held in Post Falls Idaho last week. The first evening we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Here are Molly and Mary Lou toasting their Margaritas.Note the multiple instructions to Push the door to exit...after those drinks you need the directions!
The artwork in the restaurant was lovely. I have a soft spot for Calla Lilies.
This piece was just lovely.
The next day started with show and tell of some of Mary Lou's quilts.
We saw some quilts that have been published a a peek view at some newer ones.
The new ones I can't show you but they are great.
Seeing the quilts in person you see details that are missed in books. The quilt below won't load correctly so please turn your head to enjoy it.
Here is everyone gathered around Mary Lou as she shows us how to make one of her hoochy mama blocks. Techniques from these blocks help you with her style of quilting.
The blocks with the yellow background I made several years ago during another workshop. The flower and bee were the first of the new block from this workshop.
Mary Lou's friend Laurie Latta made this quilt for Mary Lou's Flower Power book. I love the little buttercups at the bottom of the quilt.
Sally who was visiting from California celebrated her birthday with us. Wendy made a "cake of cream puffs" with a candle on top for Sally to blow out!
The cake stand is just adorable, it comes in 3 pieces.
After our first day of sewing we made a field trip to Bear Paw Quilts in Coeur d'Alene where many bolts of fabric were cut.
Several of us shopped from other people's selections, it made for an interesting process. The two gals waiting on us did a wonderful job.
Thanks goodness I didn't have to restock the shelves after we were done. Penny surprised Mary Lou with these lovely coloured glass bottles for her bottle trees.
Here is Mary Lou's new New Mexico quilt inspired by her visit this year. The details are amazing!
Mary has taken several classes with Mary Lou at Asilomar and here are some pictures of the quilt she is working on. It will be spectacular when it is done.
I love the snail and the frog on it. Mary has two sons that I'm sure will treasure this quilt.
The clothesline with the birds sitting on top will be very cute.
This is Pebble who owns Orange Bee Quilt Shop in California.
Penny lives just outside of Vancouver Washington.
Kathy helps Mary Lou with her website orders and was lots of fun this weekend. She was our go-for gal and sat and stitched along with us.
Sally was another of the Southern California gals.
Here is Mary from California whose quilt in progress was shown above. Notice that many of the gals have tiaras on from Mary Lou
A busy workroom with pedals to the medal we are in the basement with lots of great natural light.
Lots of creativity buzzing around the room
Mary Lou sharing some new knowledge with a brand new quilter. We had two new quilters in our group.
Molly and Mary have both taken several classes from Mary Lou.
Molly's completed quilt top that she put together at the retreat.
Doesn't this bird have wonderful feathers?
Slowly over the weekend my blocks became more.
Here are some exterior pictures of the Jacklin Art Centre. The original church built in the late 1890's.
From a different angle.
Inside looking through one of the lovely arched windows.
One of the lovely stained glass windows found inside.
Two birds having a serious conversation.
A bird with a cheddar background.
Several birds, stars and monkey wrench blocks.
A bird checking out the housing in the neighbourhood.
A very tall robin made by me.
A bird with tail feathers that are 3-d and it's potential housing.
Two very interesting long legged birds. I love the curled headfeather on the right one.
A dragonfly I made.
Molly, Mary Lou and me infront of my blocks.
Bear Paw Quilts in Coeur d'Alene from the outside.
Bear paw prints leading to the door.
A view from the second story of the shop.
This guy is the mascot of Coeur d'Alene.
Driving back along I-90 I stoped in Ritzville and found this shop.
Isn't this building interesting with the witch hat roof?
This is Wildflower Quilt Shop and Liquor Store; one shop stopping for him and her!
Isn't this an interesting old sign?
The skies heading towards Snoqualmie Pass started to look very threatening.
This was snow falling on the pass ahead.
I also encountered some rain and hail on the drive home. At times the wind was gusting up to 60 m.p.h.!