Saturday, 8 May 2010

This tree always amazes me each time I see it. This year I parked around the corner and walked up and took a few closer pictures of it from below.
While in Pacific Grove we dropped in at Back Porch Quilts and enjoyed looking around the shop. Then it was back on the road where we stopped in Moss Landing at Phil's Fish Market and shared a crab and shrimp quesadilla for lunch.
Along the cliff drive in Santa Cruz I spotted this Pelican mail box, what a whimsical design it is.
We watched the waves crashing in along the cliffs for while.
You might be able to spot the fisher people on the ledge just above the cave. I wonder what they were able to catch?
Back on the road and we continued along driving through San Francisco and then spent the night in Santa Rosa.
In Eureka Scottie Dog Quilts was closed but we did find Ocean Wave Quilt shop on V Street just off 101 in a converted house. They had some felted wool, but their prices were quite expensive.
We spent the night in Crescent City where we found a little Mexican Restaurant called Perlita's, mom tried the chicken enchilada and I had a chicken mole burrito. Both were great and the prices very good. Lots of locals in the shop including the high school teacher of one of the women working there!
Unfortunately I forgot to check my camera battery and have no pictures for 24 hours.

Back into Oregon where our first stop was Country Keepsakes in Brookings, a nice little shop I've not been to before, she has been open for 22 years.
Next stop was Quilter's Quarters in Port Orford, always a favourite shop of mine.
In Bandon by the Sea we stopped at Forget Me Knots quilt shop. It is a lovely large shop with lots of choices, they encourage you to bring your own bag and will credit you towards their rewards program by giving you 2 points if you don't use a bag!
They recommended Two Loons cafe for lunch which was very enjoyable. Took a few pictures with mom's camera of some wind chimes and banners in the village centre.
In Coos Bay we dropped into Threads That Bind Quilt shop that had a backing sale on. Too bad I didn't need any.
Farther north we stopped in Florence first at Joy of Quilting and their new consignment/art gallery shop called Gigi Mo's Quilt Gallery. They had some lovely pieces on display.
Farther along the road we went into Wenz-daze [pronounced Wednesday's] Quilt Shop. It was formerly known as Jody's Quilt Shop; the new shop is quite large with an extensive collection of flannels and has a long arm quilt machine in it.
At Ruth's Fabrics in Walport I found a cute little mini iron that decided to come home with me courtesy of my mom. Great for small projects and workshops.
We arrived in Newport for the night to find that Quilter's Cove was closed already; but it was our first stop of the next morning. They appear to be downsizing their shop but it is still a large friendly store.
In Depoe Bay we sat and watched some of the waves crashing onto the shore. They day was grey and rainy, but enjoyable to watch the waves for awhile.
In Lincoln City we walked through one of their large antique malls for a bit of a break and then headed to B.J.'s Fabrics in Cloverdale. There were two cars already there and there were about a dozen women in this little shop! There is only one shopkeeper and by the time she finished cutting their fabric she looked exhausted. They are part of a larger group staying in Tillamook and exploring the quilt shops along the coast.
We bypassed Jane's Fabrics thinking they would all be there and went to the Tillamook Creamery for an ice cream cone and found them there instead!
These skunk cabbage were in B.J.'s garden, they looked so pretty with the rain falling on them.
We decided to continue north to Canon Beach and have a late lunch at Crabby Sue's. It seems each time we get there it is closed for the day, well this time it was permanently closed! Their wonderful bronze of the child with a kite was gone. We went into Centre Diamond and found that several businesses in town had closed over the winter.
We left the coast and headed towards Portland where we spent the night in Beaverton.
The next morning we went into Fabric Depot before heading back into Washington State.
In Castle Rock we went to Quilt Nest Quilt Shop and then had a good lunch at Hatties.
Driving up the I-5 we found Sister's Fabrics in Chehalis. What a large selection of English paper pieces and 1930's style fabrics. I don't think I've seen so many in one spot. They advertise they carry over 10,000 bolts of fabric.
Next stop was Quilter's Junction in Centralia before continuing up to Fife for the night.
The next morning we stopped briefly at the Outlet Mall at Exit 200 before going to Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop in Smokey Point.
Then a quick visit to Trader Joe's in Bellingham and then back across the border and home.

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The little book of Nessie said...

I remember seeing a photo of that tree on your blog previously Sandi. It certainly is strange the way it has grown. Love the pelican letterbox. Some people are creative aren't they? Enjoyed seeing all the photos of the scenery. Regards, Nessie