Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Sunday Night Monday Morning I

Did something silly and stayed up sewing blocks into the final borders of my Down The Rabbit Hole Quilt until almost 6 a.m.!  Then I couldn't get to sleep until almost 7 a.m.  But I got up at 8:15 and headed up to see if I could get a good picture of this very large quilt.
 Unfortunately my two helpers were a bit vertically challenge despite being on ladders.  Rita was actually touching the ceiling and Anna was a trouper holding up her side but you can see it still is dusting the floor.
 Here are two cropped pictures of the top and bottom of the running rabbits.
 I modified the borders as I like having the long borders on the top and bottom and the shorter ones along the side.  I feel you need a good foundation for your house to build your walls on.  You wouldn't have them standing outside of the foundation.  Hence you can see the seam of the top border.  I also decided not to do the large circular flowers that Sarah had designed and as I had over cut the amount of tulips I needed I put them on stems and added some of the smaller green leaves along with the larger vine leaves she designed.

Here is her original drawing to use as a comparison.
I had fun fussy cutting my tulips to feature some of the fabrics.
 I freehand placed each border and stems and the leaves so they are not entirely symmetrical.
 Some of the tulip stems are more curves, some have three leaves and some might only have one or two.
 I had lots of fun deciding which would go where.
 These were so fun to stitch.
 I still may add a couple of bees to this border.
 I'm calling this quilt Running Through the Tulips Going Down the Rabbit Hole.
 Soon Sarah will be having a virtual Quilt Show on her website of all the quilted and unquilted tops.
 I'm not sure how I'll quilt mine yet but I think I'm going to do it myself.
 Here is a collage of the border blocks I sewed all day Monday.  There are 60 blocks around the border.
 I've also been getting more happy mail of wonky stars.  These were from Candice @quiltedcomforts on Instagram.
 Terri @tuey_createsdaily sent these ones.
 Star @family_god_country made these batik stars.

 Dawn @dawnpiasta sent these ones.  Love the low volume prints.

 I went out to see the Super Blue Blood Moon before heading off to bed last night.
 After staying up all night on Monday I didn't think I'd try it again.
 So I'll have to see the pictures on the news and other social media platforms to see how it looked.
Yesterday the first installment for Simple Folk arrived and so it begins again!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Being Mindful and Catching Up.

January 3rd I went for a walk along the quay and found this chubby robin out looking for brunch.
 His/her friend was also out for company.
 Try focusing on skinny Japanese weeping maple branches to feature the raindrops and find it an easy way to go crazy!
 The Orange Witch Hazel was just starting to open their blossoms.
 Roses still budding and blooming in January.
 Love the mist droplets on the spider's silk.
 A slightly different angle and you can see some around the base of the pods.
 Winter Viburnum blossoms.
 Moss and Lichens on rose branches.
 Almost in full bloom.
 January 13 and the blossoms are almost in full bloom.
 Love the curves of Henry Walker's stick tree.
 So pretty.
 Looking up thru the branches to the blue skies and clouds.
 And thru the palm trees.
 Moss on the branches of the trees at our entry way.
 Such a contrast in the colours of moss.
 Mid January view thru the lobby windows.
 You got mail! Some inspiration.
 Some more.
 Some stitching inspiration.
 and some more.

Got this sewing kit for half price, the Dritz LED threader is $10 on Amazon alone!
 I also got mail from Australia, I decided to order the two sets of acrylic templates from Sarah Fielke for the upcoming BOM.
 Four for Simple Folk and 30 for the Grasshopper.
 I redid my best nine for Instagram and my wonky stars pushed out two of my Down the Rabbit hole pictures.
 Finished my mini 3" stars for the swap.
 Here they are with my 9" stars plus a few extras that will stay home with me.  Now to label the envelops and pack them up and get them mailed.
 I received some stars from one of the gals and five from a friend on a side swap.
 Here they are with some of the stars I'm keeping.
 Makelight has an app that you can see how some of your pictures that are popular on Instagram show up as colour dots.
 Here are a few more interpretations.
 Another series you can check out.
 Here was my first year assessment.  Couldn't figure out where my pinks, turquoises and yellows went. So I tried again and kept getting the same results. 
 Then I tried again and had a different email account for the results and this is what came up.  But where is the Aqua and Yellow! This emphasizes the Saturated Colours.
 Click and this emphasizes the Brighter colours.
 This button would be for your favourite colour but I didn't click on the dot.
 Colours by time on your Instagram feed.
 Rainbow mode.
 I clicked for Popular Colours.
 I clicked on the Pink and it regrouped this way.
 I clicked on the Turquoise for favourite and it regrouped this way.
If you want to try this go to Makelight and make sure you view the video before you go to the link.