Sunday, 13 September 2009

Quilts at Tanglebank Gardens on September 12, 2009...what a lovely day for a quilt show and what a gorgeous garden to explore. Three local Canadian designers; The Freckles Collection by Dougal Ann Walker, Quilted Excapes by Sue Jensen and Coutry Quilts by Cheryl Wall were featured. Also featured was the launch of the new Canadian magazine Quilter's Connection with Heather McArthur. Below are several quilts by the designers and a few of the many lovely plants featured in the garden. This one is called Cabin Fever by Cheryl Wall. Dougal Ann Walker designed this lovely Autumn Magic piece that combines stitchery and raw edge applique. I can't understand why I didn't photograph more of her work. I have several patterns waiting to be stitched. This one may have to be added to my collection. You can find her patterns at
O Pumpkin Tree is a delightful whimsical look at one of my favourite holidays Halloween. Cheryl Wall is the designer of Country Quilts. It seems her patterns really appeal to me. Check out her patterns at
Tired of Trickin"... the name says it all!
These pine cones covered in sparling sap caught my eye as we wandered through the gardens.
The colours of autumn are starting to arrive with the cooler nights.
Another one of Chery's designs!
May baskets are a delightful group.
Saltbox Seasons
When I first saw these rosehips I thought they looked like radishes!
Here is another view of the same plant with one of the roses in bud.
When The Cows Come Home.
Hollyhock Houses.
Come into my web said the spider to the fly...
What a pretty painted gate through a lovely hedge door.
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of Sue Jensen's Quilted Escapes, please check out her website at Also check out if you get the chance.