Sunday, 19 July 2009

July 1st, Canada Day, fireworks, Fraserfest, the month is flying by. I took the picture of this poppy at the end of June. July 1st, Canada Day was sunny and warm, many of my neighbours few their flags from their decks.
I watched the fireworks from my balcony again this year, what a treat!

My friend Rita has some lovely flowers growing in her garden. This one reminds me of the bird of paradise shape.
Isn't this a lovely chocolate colour?
I believe the common name for this is Angel's trumpet.
Doesn't this just look like chenille?
Last Sunday my mom and I went over to "the drive" Commercial Drive is closed off on Sundays so you can wander down the street and enjoy the vendors and people.
Isn't this mural wonderful, I love the crows on the line above the people.
They have four banners, orange, yellow, blue and green. Each of them depicts something different, food, music, dining, fashion. Unfortunately the day was overcast, but very warm and muggy.
I like how this mural wraps around the corner of the building.
The drive has lots of organic grocery stores, coffee shops and used clothing shops. This fruit and veggie mural is amazing. I'm noticing many more of them lately around my city.
On Friday, 2 friends and I drove out to Chilliwack and went to I fly for Pie. It is located at the Chilliwack airport. If you are ever in the area, stop in for a bit. It is fun watching the small planes and helicopters taking off and landing as you eat. We stopped at two quilt shops along the way, Quilt Essentials in Abbotsford and Hamel's Fabrics new shop in Chilliwack. Both great shops.
I found this garden angel yesterday, on the carrot it says "mind your peas and carrots."
These two crows were just hanging out beside me while I took a break under a sun shelter yesterday after checking out the vendors at Fraser Fest.
Last night's fireworks were once again amazing.
The colours and shapes were spectacular.
Later this afternoon the working boats along the river will cruise by as a parade and have some fun in the water. I hope to get some fun photos to share.