Sunday, 25 June 2017

I left Spokane to begin the trip home expecting the rain that fell as I packed up on Thursday to be continued but was delighted to see sunshine instead. I stopped to take a photo of this sign in Davenport, one day I think I'll have to do something similar in cloth.
 I drove back along Rte 2 as it is quieter and some different scenery.  Also I-90 has some construction on it with some major delays heading west when I was heading east the week before.
 I drove by this crumbling structure and decided to have a closer look.
 Some memories lost in this structure.
 The one behind didn't fare much better.
 Wild red poppies adjacent to the homestead.
 Last year I found this delightful town of Harrington.  A bit early for anything to be opened yet.
 I love how they have left the old Caterpillar sign up and it now houses the City Hall and library.
I parked in front of the town museum but it alas wasn't opened but that looks like a lovely double wedding ring quilt.
 They recently celebrated their 100th anniversary.
 This brick home was for sale
 This white home beside it looked lovely and they were redoing another home farther down.
Next stop was in Odessa where I saw this great dead tree.
 Unfortunately the Quilt Crossing didn't open for another half hour.
 I did peer in and saw someone inside but they didn't acknowledge me unfortunately.
 Another view of the shop thru another window.
 Back on the road with blue skies and a few scattered clouds and very little traffic.
 Next stop was the Fabric Patch in Ephrata this shop is huge!
 They even have a sign pointing where to find things!
 Cute quilt above the cash register area.
 Lovely samples adorn the walls.
 The Halloween and Autumn area.
 Some of the Winter and Christmas displays.
 Woolly snowman.
 Part of their large selection of wool and wool samples and patterns.
 A must check out area.
 Button, button who needs some buttons!
 Just part of their DMC, Cosmo and Perle cotton selections.
 Sweet bunny stitchery.
 Back entrance to the classroom from the parking lot.
 Heading west.
 Next stop was Leavenworth Quilt Shoppe, forgot to take pictures this time so onto Leavenworth with fingers crossed I could find parking.  Love this copper clad spire.
 Haven't been able to stop at Dee's Country Accents for many years as I usually come back on a busy Saturday and too many tourists and bus tours.
 She had a special on patterns this day, the shop is has many narrow halls
 with racks on either side for displays.
 Just enough room to pass another customer without getting too personal.
 Love the German influences on the buildings.  Couldn't pass this one up for my mom and friend.
 Some great spires.
 Heading up to the summit and the snow line at Steven's Pass.
 They had some snow fall a few weeks before I came.
 Over the summit and once again some rain.  Thankfully not for long.
 Closer to home I stopped in to visit Carole at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop in Smokey Point/Arlington.  She shared her great On the Go row.  Each year she does an embroidered and crayon piece.
 Meet Aunt Mary! Carole says everyone has an Aunt Mary and I did and her daughter was my cousin Carol, but not Carole!
 Love this seating area with the books to check out.
 Carole does some amazing piecing and applique.
 Taking the curve back home in B.C.
 Traffic jam at the last remaining light on this stretch of highway, they are building an overpass!
 Stash report, black and white from Ruby's
 Both these fabrics are from Mary Lou.
 Along with this great bright plaid.
 Got this double gauze at Bear Paw in Coeur d'Alene.
 Enough to make a scarf.
 Some other fabrics purchases from the Quilting Bee.
 Some grunge and grunge dots from the Quilting Bee.
 Clearance clown stripes and an interesting Batik.
 A small polka dot turquoise fabric, some Kaffe and a whimsical black and white alphabet...
 More whimsical animals and a Christmas print...
 and a license plate...
 and the sunglasses from Bear Paw quilting...looks great with the stripe right!
 Mary Lou's new Hoochy Two-chy book. I got one along with two others for friends.
 Got these two black and whites on clearance at the Fabric Patch the one on the right with work into my Happy Day's quilt.
 Two interesting prints, one a Kaffe.
 Love these star buttons, only had three of the bright yellow from The Fabric Patch.
 Kathy Doughty Folk Tales line.
 and a colour wheel pin cushion from Aunt Mary's.
 Love this vine print from Dee's Country Accents.
 Polka dots that match my watering can and a plaid on clearance with another grunge dot from Leavenworth Quilt Shoppe.
 An ornament that matches my sewing machine clock.
 More grunge, another Kaffe fish print on yellow not red this time and of course dots from Leavenworth Quilt Shoppe.
 I got two of these aqua Art Bins to use for projects...
 along with this Snap Ware bin from JoAnn's also on sale!
That is all for this retreat report!