Friday, 23 June 2017

Final Day at Retreat, and Fairy Gifts!

I'm always sad when the final day of a retreat arrives. That means packing everything up and saying good bye for another year.
 Jan found a free pattern for elephants here from Sew Fresh Quilts.  She is going to incorporate them into a border.
 Here she has three done, I think she is planning on making some of the little ones also.
 Mari added another raccoon baby to the family.
 Kim's Grand Canyon letters and part of the date is made.  She made so much progress on her piece.
 Here is Janet beside herself as a child and a big Tom Turkey.
 Mari's raccoon family that she made.
 A group picture of us as the winds were picking up and the rain was starting to arrive.
 My flowers and watering cans minus my pile of luggage in the corner.  The centre is pretty much done now to figure out the watering can border.
 I think I'm going to add a leaf to that large left flower at the bottom.  Still need to wrangle that inverted T seam by the lower left bee.
 Carol's cacti and dove with the babies.  I think she had planned to use the hand dyes as a background but is rethinking the idea.
 After packing up the car with my sewing machine chair and fabrics I headed off to Hattie's Quilt Shop.  They always have some fun quilts and inspirations in the shop.
 That Halloween corner was too cute.
 Love those striped fabrics at the bottom I have one or two already.
 Another raccoon family, I think I like Mari's better.
 So many choices.
 As you enter the store it has a sign on the door that Hattie's gets wider in the back.  There is a narrow foyer in front.
 It has a chair and ottoman along with a coffee station if the person you are shopping with needs a break.
 It has a lovely gallery of quilts on display.
 Here are most of the fairy gifts.  That lovely bag from Mary Lou with grunge strips, some Tonga Batiks and a fat quarter selection with a sea them for me.
 Her other fairy gifts were wrapped in polka dots or stripes and we got one or two each day!
 Love this mug with her self portrait quilt featured.
 A notebook and pencil.
 The pencil reads And with her little pencil she will change the world. The Farm Chicks.
 A bumper sticker buttons and glitzy thread.
 This lovely sequin bag with a whimsical cat key chain.
 What Cat-attitude!
 An amazing seam ripper, polka dot pencil and the cutest little snips with an attached point guard.
 The opposite end was a stiletto!
 Mari gave us a duck scrubby, she couldn't find a chicken which was the theme.
 Dywta made us each a spring pouch and some fabrics.
 From Kim we got a note pad and nail file.
 Mary Lou gave us a solar Chinese lucky money cat.
 Carol gifted us with a fat quarter with chickens and these lovely bowls.
 I think this fat quarter was from Jan.
 Candy's two sons are jazz musicians and they helped produce these two Cd's.
 Jan gave us this square...
 ...which becomes a tray!
 Last year Janet made us wine veils to keep bugs out of the wine glass when you are outside.  This year she kept up the theme with these wine coasters made from her Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
 And some chocolate mints from Trader Joe's/
 My gift was a Polka dot zipper folder with a nylon zipper project bag, a Dogwood flower chocolate and a solar Hula girl.
 Here is a closer look at her..
 Next up the road home and a stash report.



The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like you have all had a great time. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Nessie

Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

Sigh. So much fun and it's over for another year! I want to be there sometime. =)

KaHolly said...

Just too much fun, too many treasures! Maris raccoons are kind of scary looking with those eyes! Loved everyone's project. Esp. yours!

Kyle said...

Gosh, what a trip! Filled with treasures, tales, and creative thoughts and stitching.