Sunday, 13 April 2008

The sky was blue and the birds were singing yesterday, Spring has made it's entrance here. This is a view looking up the Fraser river, there are 3 paddlewheelers in this picture. The tall bridge in the background is for the skytrain and beyond it the Patullo bridge. There were lots of people walking along the quay enjoying the warm sunny day.
I love how the sun caught the centres of these two pretty tulips.

This is a Dogwood in early bud, the flowers will turn a creamy white when they open a bit more.

The muscari [grape hyacinths] are almost overtaking the rose bushes.

I spotted the ladybug on this daffodil, the hyacinth is a gorgeous purple/blue

The sky was just an incredible blue and the apple blossoms looked so white against it.

There is a large pond near one of the condos, this duck was diving for a snack, there were also some large Koi swimming around. You could see their orange/white/black markings in the water as they swam about.

I love how these narcissi seems to have both yellow and orange petticoats on.

These ones are decked out in cream dresses with yellow petticoats, in the background you can see one with double yellow.

This cherry tree is in my courtyard. The bloosoms caught my eye as I walked by. They are blooming from the trunk!

This is looking up from below the same tree, the bloosoms almost look white, but you can see the pale pink.
Here is the view from my balcony towards the cherry trees and the river. The song birds are singing today, one is just outside my suite sitting on the gazebo roses. The cherry tree petals are starting to fall like snow on the lawn below.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Shh! Look at the two year old coming to join mom for a snack!Here is his/her mom keeping a close eye that I don't come too closeThey kept the same distance away from me no matter how quiet and slowly I approached.
Here is a planting of my favourite forget-me-knot flowers on the grounds of Rosemary Heights where we went for a quilting retreat. A nice break is to walk around and take some pictures between sewing.

This pretty magnolia is in the turnaround of the driveway, the blooms are just starting to open up.

Back to work on Monday, the cherry blossoms are blooming, their scent is wonderful at the beginning and the end of each day. Today there were some petals falling down to the sidewalk below like a Spring snow.

All around the city the cherry blossoms are blooming, the plum trees farther along the block will be blooming soon. Then come the Dogwoods!