Monday, 27 August 2018

Quilt Shops In Sisters area.

Stopped in at the Stitchin' Post on Friday before the show as on Saturday you need a shoe horn to get around the shop.  Valori has taken over from her mom and changed a lot of things around the store.
 Love how the quilts are hung up high around the shop.
 This whimsical house quilt caught my eye.
 Taking a step back you can see how the quilts are hung above the items for sale.
 There is an office space above the store floor.
 This was one of their past row by rows.
 They didn't participate in the Sew Musical row this year.
 Love this Stephen Nichols quilt.
 Some of Valori's Marmalade Dreams line samples.
A quick trip over to Redmond to check out Material Girls and their block for the Sew Musical row by row.  This year they had several different ideas for the rows and block orientation.
 I headed over to Bend and went to Quiltworks and checked out their gallery where some Tree themed quilts were on display.  You can read the information about them following the images.

 The other side of the gallery had various artists, sorry I didn't get all the details but enjoy the pictures.

 BJ's Quilt Basket in Bend has a wonderful selection of fabrics.
 It was a busy shop on show day.
 Cutting tables had lines on both sides.

I forgot to take pictures at Sew Many Quilts on my visit, it was a long hot day but will next year.

 I picked up this piece at the Sister's Show.  It is about 44" x 88".
 Not sure what it was meant to be as one of the orange sides is hemmed and the other isn't.  The bottom and top were not finished.
 At first I thought there was some sun wear but the yellows are different fabrics.
 It is all machine pieced!
 I'm so impressed with how well it was made.  I think I'll quilt it and put it down the middle of my dining table.
 This is the vertical row by Carrol at Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop in Smokey Point/Arlington Washington.
 She always does a wonderful piece.
Back at home I was happy to see this view for the first time in several weeks.  We are having a lot of smoke from all the fires in the area.
 Despite the lack of rain and broken sprinklers our trees have been watered by ground floor residents the centre strip of grass has suffered.  We did get about 36 hours of light rain on the weekend and a bit better air quality but Sunday as rated as poor again.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

It's mid August already!

I've had a lot going on this summer and blogging has fallen by the wayside to say the least.  Back to Sisters on the day of the show.  The Sisters Saloon is part of Jean Well's family history and where she started her quilt shop.
 The store to the right of this building is where I first went to her quilt shop.
 As I recall I think there was a second level to the store but this was in the early nineties that I went so I may be mistaken.
 I found this lovely Down the Rabbit Hole quilt on display.
 Better yet Lisa Mortell was there with friends telling them about it.
 Check out her details.
 She added some whimsical embroidery to the centre of her rabbit hold.  She also changed some of the houses and added some embroidery to make it her own.
 Love this story quilt that looks like it may have been inspired by Mary Lou Weidman story quilts.
 I like the mix of of modern buildings and scrappy stars in this piece.
 Looks a bit futuristic in their design.
 I love the wonky stars and the addition of some hand quilting in this piece.
 I love the colours in this piece.
 This quilt really caught everyone in my walking groups eye.
 Check out the machine quilting.  I love that it is an asymmetric design.
 It took us awhile to figure out what was around the quilt due to some of the fabric choices. Starting on the left side Mountains streams Tall pines Wildflower dreams Time with Thee.
 This feather star was lovely.
 This was made by one of the British quilters who came and visited Anna.

 Another British visitor. Didn't get her details.
 Looking down the main highway thru town which gets blocked to traffic.
 The finished wall of quilts outside the store.

 Love this one, I believe it is one of the Stitchin' Post designs.
 Great colours.
 Thank goodness I'm tall, this was only the top half of the quilt with people standing in front.  Loved the rounded squares that were used to quilt the blocks.
 Love the scale of this bird.
 Lucky me my car was in shade when I returned to it.  Lasted until about 1 but it was getting warm so I headed off to explore some of the quilt shops in Redmond and Bend.