Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Cherrywood Fabric Challenge Van Gogh.

The Van Gogh challenge sponsored by Cherrywood Fabrics was a highlight of the show in Sisters Oregon again this year. The participants purchased four fat quarters of Cherrywood hand dyed cottons and could add other Cherrywood Fabrics to their creation.  You can check out the link to see what proportion of fabrics had to be present of the challenge fabrics.

Mr Postmaster was done by my friend Sandy Fisher and I was in awe of her creativity in making it.
 The room was packed making it very difficult to take photos.  In the lower left corner you see another Mr. Postman, this one was not done by Sandy.
 Some of the pieces were interpretations by the artists as to how they thought Van Gogh would do the piece.
 I recently ordered the book with both the French and Dutch portions of the challenge.  These are the ones from the French side.
 The imagination and interpretations were quite wonderful.
 As I mentioned it was a very popular venue.  Last year I was able to get in with Anna while she was videotaping the display but this year her husband G did the videotaping and I was left out in the heat to wait my turn.  Here is the link to the quilt show day featuring the Van Gogh display and some of the other quilts outside.
 Sometimes it pays to be a bit taller than others in the crowd.
 Sometimes you have to play dodge the heads and hands.

 These two starry nights were some of my favourite ones.

 Loved the Crow.
 I used to have a reproduction poster of a vase of sunflowers by him.

 Different interpretations based on the same piece.
 Blue suede boots!


 Some more blue boots.

 The ones with ribbons were Bohin Challenge Favourites.

 Another favourite crow, hard to get a good picture when you are tall!

 Van Gogh's eye.

 More of his shoes.
Today was 34 C or close to 94 here today...too hot!


Kyle said...

These quilts are works of art as well. Amazing!

WoolenSails said...

The quilts are amazing, love the creative way each was done with use of color and fabrics, as well as the quilting.


Susan said...

That's an amazing exhibition. Your friend did a fabulous job. I wouldn't even have tried that one. I wonder what Van Gogh would think of all this!