Sunday, 18 November 2007

I decided to go for a walk this afternoon to check out some of the beautiful colour along the quay. Yesterday we had a rainstorm, and the sun decided to come out today, so everything looked newly washed.
This crow decided he wanted to get into the game.
This bush flowers throughout the winter.
The green leaves and bright red stems caught my eye, and then I noticed the deep blue berries.
These bright red leaves caught my eye, and then I realized some of the leaves looked like oak leaves and some like maple leaves. The flower was like a lilac/hydrangae.
These are leaves from the same plant.
oops, another picture of those pretty leaves.

Here is the plant from another side.
Some beautiful fall colours in the maple leaves.

I'm not sure what this tree is, the bark was peeling and the leaves almost look like a maple. But not quite.
The peeling bark has a wonderful colour to it.
Let's hope for some more wonderful November days like today.
One of the last of the roses for the year.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Late this afternoon the skies are finally clearing and the white caps are gone from the river. Throughout the day I saw people bundled up walking along the quay.Earlier today the sun started to peak through and the clouds started to part.

This morning the skies were grey and the river was full of whitecaps. At times it looked like they might come up and over the boardwalk. Branches and leaves were flying around. Some people were without power from early this morning.
One of the first storms of the winter started last night. It was very grey and windy this morning when I decided to take a few pictures.