Thursday, 28 May 2015

Floral Inspirations

A few days ago I went for a walk along the quay and saw some beautiful flowers to delight me.  The challenge was it was a very windy day and they were blowing in the breeze.  Hence some are not as focused or framed like I would have preferred.  This pink bloom was on a very slender stalk.
 Just beside it was this lovely delicate white bloom.
 A larger group of them.  Very inspiring against the Spring green background.
 The Iris blossoms are looking lovely this pink mauve one caught my eye.
 A blue purple one nearby.
 Lovely orange pansies without the traditional face markings.
 The peonies were looking magnificent.
 This one was just starting to bloom.
 Love the contrasting dark pink against the pale centre.
 Another favourite.
 Lovely white perfection.
 My Lemon Bells is starting to bloom, I had one several years ago and lost it.  Fortunately it was developed at U.B.C. and I was able to get another one Here is a link to the U.B.C. Botanical Garden for further information.
 They are so pretty and delicate.
 I got this one last year and was a bit concerned it may have not survived but I was pleasantly surprised.
 Love this picture.
 Back in 2013 I took a two day workshop with Sue Spargo. This is what I started out with as a layout.  I decided I didn't want to do a grid layout and based it on a photograph of a ginger flower I took in Hawaii.
 This how it looked at the end of the three days.  Here is a link to day 1.
 Well I'm taking another workshop with Sue in June and decided to do a bit more stitching and add some layers ahead of taking the class.  This will be a three day event.
 This is what I did in the workshop.
 I had some fun and couched some pink boucle yarn with some variegated orange DMC Perle cotton.  I then did another couched pink boucle yarn with turquoise DMC.
 In the workshop I did some beading and a few drizzle stitches.  I later added some more and then took them out.
I did some cast on stitches around the turquoise silk velver.
 At the end of the class I had woven a variegated yarn through a running stitch and did a woven picot.
 I also added some more decorative stitching as you can see on the bottom right leaf.
 In the upper photo you can see some more stitching to this naked bud, French knots and some more couching of a turquoise yarn.
 This batik was added in class and then I did some dazzle thread stitching to the edge.
 I've also added a few more cottons and wool to add another layer or two.
The yellow wool shape on the turquoise leaf was a random shape left over from cutting another leaf.
 I had some fun doing some bullion knots to couch down a yellow thread around the orange leaf.
 Another random shape of the mauve crescent shape on the dark wool and in the next photo you can see I did a more slender shape on the mauve leaf.  I did these several hours apart and then realized I had reversed the colours on both leaves.
 I've also had some fun with some fabrics with words and some organic curves.
 I thought it appropriate to put the scissors adjacent to the Threads that bind applique.  Ironically the polka dot fabric mimics the dark purple pink wool, the yellow wool and the lime green dot on word applique.
 My bird needs a dark centre to its eye and maybe a bit of outline stitching.
Still have many hours of stitching to do but liking how it is going.  Here is a link to the photos I took at Sue's lecture.  Here is day two of stitching with Sue.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Milestone Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

Just got back from taking my mom out for lunch to celebrate her 90th birthday!
 Here is a picture of some of the cards and flowers she was given to mark this amazing milestone.
 A bit closer to one of the orchids she received.
 And the other...are they not pretty?  Just as pretty and lovely a lady as my dear mom.  So glad to celebrate this day with you!  Here is to many more happy years.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Quilts for Mary Lou Weidman..

Remember the cross blocks I made for Mary Lou Weidman's cross quilt?
Well Michele Bilyeu made them into this lovely quilt.  Check out her blog here to see more pictures of her process to make this quilt.  She couldn't use all the blocks so she also made a pillow case and will send the rest as prayer flags for people affected by the earthquakes in Nepal.  Thanks Michele, I can see at least two of my minis at the bottom and understand a third was also included.
 Which as you can see has made it's way to Mary Lou to enjoy with much love and healing.
Remember all the bra blocks that my friends and I made for her?  This one is Ethel's.
 and mine?
Well Carol Haueter made the top and Tami Levin from Lemon Tree Tales quilted them and mad a backing and label for it.  click on the previous sentence to see more pictures.
 Most of us sent in squares with messages on pink or red squares that Tami made into a pixel hear.
 A closer look at the heart before it was quilted.
I've heard that Mary Lou now is in possession of this second gift of love from on line friends and was supposed to have slept under it last night.  May both these quilts send healing love to her as she recovers.

Thanks to all my Whimsical Mary Lou yahoo group members and a few who don't belong to the group for making this possible for Mary Lou.