Thursday, 23 May 2013

A gift for Sue and some floral inspiration

You remember I made a bookmark for my Creative Stitching book.

Here is a closer look at the prototype I made for myself. When Sue saw it she said she was going to "steal" my idea and I said I was glad to share it with her and could I make one for her?

This is my interpretation of her bird logo embellished with some of her creative stitches and some beading.

On the backside is my logo I use when signing my creative pieces.

I partially attached some ribbon before sending it to her so she can attach it to her book. Below is Uschi Grenier's piece from Wool Penny Rugs, she and her partner Kerry brought Sue up for our workshop and we have a Woolies group that meets at the Creative Edge Quilt Shop in North Vancouver.

Uschi took Sue's workshop in Bellevue Washington and leads our group.

She has done some lovely stitching on her leaves.

Here is another piece from the class.

This leaf was under construction during the workshop, she did a lovely job.

Another lovely stitched leaf.

Some inspiration an anemone from Rita's garden for inspiration.

A bit farther back a white poppy.

A pink/purple iris wet from a watering.

A lady bug hiding out on a rose bud.

A mini dandelion just about ready to spread its seed.

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

A bit more Sue and seen in my front yard.

Here is the bee that I stitched in class.  I was pleased with how it looked until I realized I had it dive bombing right angles to how I wanted it.  So I'm afraid it is no longer on my piece.
 I thought you might like to see the cover of Sue's book.
 Sue was kind enough to sign everyone's copy, but as they all looked the same when closed I chose to make a bookmark so at a glance I could spot mine.  I love how the book lies flat due to the spiral binding.
 If you want to learn how to embellish your quilts check out the book.
 Look who I found wandering around my "front yard" the other day during low tide.
 This beauty frequents my neighbourhood and usually I just have my standard lens.
 Lately I've been taking my telephoto lens out in case I spotted him.
 On Monday I saw him but he got away before I could get a nice picture of him.
 On Thursday I had some success, he has a very interesting gait when he walks along the shallows.
 He didn't seem to mind my taking his photos.
 Look at the very fine white feathers that look so delicate.  Back along the quay were some yellow iris blossoms that were just buds yesterday.
 The last of the tulips, i love how the water beaded up on them.
 The first rose of Summer making an early appearance.
Spring, a lovely time of rebirth and colour, enjoy it in your part of the world.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sue Spargo Leaf Embellishment Day 2

First the quilt that is the cover for Creative Stitches up close and personal
 Layers of fabric, stitching and beads.
 Sue did each leaf on a small rectangle and then sewed them all together.
 The background fabric is all the same, my flash varied the colour as you can see from the dots in the corners and the border.
 Beautiful ideas and fabric choices, where do you start?
 Bits of bright colour along with some variegated threads.
 Lady bugs and beads.
 Whimsical flowers.
 Julie's piece.
 Lovely beads and layers of wool.
 Wendy's tree of life under way.
 A close up of Dianne stitching left handed.
 Peering over Dianne's shoulder, Sue has taught herself how to stitch left handed to aid her students.
 Lovely fabrics.
 One of my friend Tricia's leaves using a lovely ribbon.
 Ethel's couched chenille using bullion knots.
 Another of Ethel's leaves, love the dazzle thread that is winding round the edge and the variegated bullion knots.
 Another tree of life, sorry I don't know who belongs to it.
 Drizzle stitch.
 My friend Sandi having some one on one time with Sue.
 Sandi's piece, I like how she flipped her rows of leaves, they look like raindrops.
 Sandi's beading.
 Lovely bullion knots.
 Open Fly Stitch.
 Van Dyke done in a variegated thread.
 A cute bee.
 Another interesting layout and placement of leaves along with some of Sue's ribbon.
 A closer look at her leaves.
 Dianne's leaves.
 Small woven picot on the left and some french knots, pistil stitch and woven dazzle with beads.
 Dianne's bees.
 My piece at the end of day two some cotton fabrics pinned on some leaves that may be appliqued or maybe not.
 Closed and open fly stitch.
 Pearl stitch and wool applique.
 The other half of the wool applique and bullion stitch.
 My redone batik applique.
 A bud head.
 Pekinese stitch done with variegated thread.
 Beaded coral stitch and Drizzle stitch done with variegated thread.
Sue I want to thank you so much for the lovely two days of stitching and your amazing lecture.  It was a pleasure to meet and learn from you.

Many thanks to Kerry and Uschi of Wool Penny Rugs for bring Sue to Vancouver for the first time to teach.  It was fun!