Saturday, 11 May 2013

A bit more Sue and seen in my front yard.

Here is the bee that I stitched in class.  I was pleased with how it looked until I realized I had it dive bombing right angles to how I wanted it.  So I'm afraid it is no longer on my piece.
 I thought you might like to see the cover of Sue's book.
 Sue was kind enough to sign everyone's copy, but as they all looked the same when closed I chose to make a bookmark so at a glance I could spot mine.  I love how the book lies flat due to the spiral binding.
 If you want to learn how to embellish your quilts check out the book.
 Look who I found wandering around my "front yard" the other day during low tide.
 This beauty frequents my neighbourhood and usually I just have my standard lens.
 Lately I've been taking my telephoto lens out in case I spotted him.
 On Monday I saw him but he got away before I could get a nice picture of him.
 On Thursday I had some success, he has a very interesting gait when he walks along the shallows.
 He didn't seem to mind my taking his photos.
 Look at the very fine white feathers that look so delicate.  Back along the quay were some yellow iris blossoms that were just buds yesterday.
 The last of the tulips, i love how the water beaded up on them.
 The first rose of Summer making an early appearance.
Spring, a lovely time of rebirth and colour, enjoy it in your part of the world.

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