Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Mary Lou's Studio, Farm Chicks Sale, ArtFest, Davenport Hotel...busy day.

Sunday Morning we met at Mary Lou's Studio in Spokane Valley.
 She has a cute button sign along with two postcards and a great licence plate sign in her window.
 Inside she has some wonderful quilts on display.  Love this one of the ladies in hats with topiary trees.
 Some great artwork and some vintage tin picnic baskets.
 Another button name sign.
 Some great clocks, none of which has the right time.  Love the metal fish!
 A poster for Mary Lou's book and some fun things hanging from hooks.
 Great idea to attach a pincushion to your sewing machine.
 Some works in progress from her new Hoochy Twochy book available on her website Mary Lou Quilt Designs.
 Next up we split into two cars and headed over to the Farm Chicks sale at the fair grounds.  The last two times I've been we went on the Saturday which is extremely busy.  This time we went on Sunday and the crowds were not so bad.  Love these wonderful watering cans.
 Are they not some of the cutest shapes?
 The cow was great.
 But I think I liked the turquoise and white elephant the best.  They have both a website and Facebook page. Here is the website.
 This camper had everything you needed for a vintage cocktail party.
 Including some suitcases.  I think everything gets packed into the trailer for mobility!
 Some vintage metal shelves that I think I saw being carried out before I left.
 Oh to have the space to display this wooden horse.
 Bird cage and maybe some butterflies?
 Vintage watering cans.
 Lots of linens and quilts.  Not priced you had to barter for what you wanted to pay.
 Lots of action checking out the wares.
 Pretty soft colours in this quilt on display.
 Interesting bee banner.
I limited my purchases to two wood magnets and this button necklace.
 The wrist band for Sunday, fun quilty design.

 ArtFest was threatening rain so I wandered around and then sat for awhile.
 Walked by this huge vintage brick home that now houses some lawyers.
Check out the gargoyles.
A fair door in a tree.
Next stop was the Davenport Hotel. I decided to wait on one of the cushy chairs while everyone checked out the vintage photos and ballrooms.
 There is some amazing decorative carvings along the ceiling.
 Gorgeous old brass lamps.
Then onto the Conservatory in Manito Park. The orchids were showing off their blooms.
Such a lovely soft lilac purple on this group of blossoms.
 Love the leaf design of the Crystal Anthurium leaf.
 Some deep pink/purple Anthurium flowers.
 Shrimp plant.
 Forgot this one but love the yellow colour.
 Pretty polka dot leaves.
 I've never heard of a climbing onion.
 Many varieties of coleus.
 Rich purple accents.
 Love the veining on this one.
Looks like this pineapple was having a baby or second crown coming out of it.
 The cacti were starting to bloom.
 Delicate pink buds.

 Orange/yellow against what looks to be soft needles...don't touch.
 Interesting shapes.
 Love the colour and shape of this bloom.
 Pale yellow.
 Cactus or succulent?
 Love the shapes of this one.
 Another pineapple, but different
 than the colour of this one.
 Interesting blossoms.

This metal work is one of my favourites of the sunken garden.
 Such a lovely design in both stone and metal.
 I may have to try and make this into a quilt.
 We went to Perry Street Pizza and had some great wood oven pizza but forgot to take pictures. But check out Mary Lou's blog and I'm sure she will get some pictures up soon of our adventures.

Then it was back to the room to enjoy another gorgeous sunset and prepare to start sewing on Monday morning.
 Love the cloud definition as the sun sets.
 I thought this looked pretty...
 but this was gorgeous as the purples took over.
 Good night everyone.


Anna Bates said...

What a wonderful post! I loved the Farm Girl Sale and the bee banner...someday I would love to visit that sale!!! And as always your photographs of the gardens is beautiful!

WoolenSails said...

You definitely get around, I think you have me beat on travels and fun adventures.
Love that flea market, wish we had ones like that, here.


Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

What a wonderful lot of places you went! Beautiful sunset, and those cactus plants definitely make me homesick. In AZ, we called that fuzzy one teddy bear cactus. =) Looking forward to checking out what you're making.

Kyle said...

Your photos are beautiful and I loved seeing Mary Lou's studio. Her style is so delightful. Looks like a lot of great stuff at the sale. It would be hard not to go crazy!