Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Year that has passed.

I often do a year in review and share projects and travels I did that year.  This year I'm doing something a bit different and sharing photos from where I live.
 This first photo was taken of the first sunset of 2017.  Thru the year I've tried to take pictures thru the lobby window and if I didn't I'll share this view for the month.
February we had more snow, in fact I had snow on my birthday.
 March the weeping cherry tree was starting to put forth blooms.
 We had a very wet Spring and the blossoms were wiped out with all the rain.
 But the tulips were amazing in the rain.
 May all the cherry blossoms were gone and the trees were in full leaf.

 This was one of my favourite grouping of tulips in June.
June we had problems with our pump for the water feature and the algae grew and turned the water green.
 July the roses in our garden were plentiful
 August we had long hot sunny days.
 The bees were kept busy with all the blooms.

 September the water feature was drained so work could proceed on the water feature.
 October Autumn colours were on display.
 November the branches were bare.
 December we've had some wonderful clear cold nights along with fog at times.  Loved the crescent moon at the solstice.
 This first picture was taken December 23rd.
 This one was December 31st.  Interesting the almost exact duplicate including the lone rogue cloud!
 The sun setting on December 31 brought this incredible cloud formation.
 Wolf Moon just after midnight.
 And so a new year begins.
 I think I've decided on background for Simple Folk.
 I finally started working on my vine border.
 More to come in the new year. I've decided that my word for this year will be Mindful.


WoolenSails said...

I always love seeing photos of your area. I am thinking it is a fun tradition to get the first sunset of the year.
Love the fabrics and how they look in the appliqué, that is going to be beautiful.


Kyle said...

Loved seeing your year in review with your beautiful scenic view. You live in a lovely area.

KaHolly said...

You’ve certainly captured some calendar page perfect pictures throughout the year!