Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

We had some cold clear weather the days leading up to Christmas.  I always love this view of the bridges and the mountains behind.
 Inside the River Market you found Christmas lights here and there.
 A bit of cotton batting and some snowflakes on a green cut out tree.

The sun was dazzling on the river.
 Strawberry plant self seeded on the stairs leading to Rita's home.
 Can you spot the red strawberry just days before Christmas.  This is why we are called the banana belt of Canada!
 I love this picture thru the lobby window with a perfect reflection and that one rogue cloud.
 Setting sun thru the trees on Poplar Island.
 Crescent moon coming into view, what a perfect sunset.
 Christmas Eve I drove my mom around the uptown neighbourhood to see some of the homes.  Santa on one side of the house.
 Rudolph on the other.
 Love the effect of blurred Christmas lights.
 This is my favourite.
 Went out for a walk along the quay.  Large Christmas lights along this neighbours balcony.
 Red and green and white for this one.
 Four low buildings in this complex, with tall towers behind.
 Looking across at the Queensborough area of New Westminster.
 Same photo with a flash.
 Looking at the Surrey Fraser docks across the river.
 Frosty and friend lit up for Christmas.
 Micky and Friend flying in to say hi!
 Simple snowflakes and garland lights.
 Neighbours lighting up their corner of the world.
 Merry Christmas.
 Star Light, Star Bright.
 Santa made by my friend Anna and gifted to me last year.
 And we awoke to a white Christmas this morning.  Just a dusting but still it snowed after midnight!
 Courtyard view, interesting there is more snow on the salted sidewalk than on the grass.
 Yesterday it never got above freezing and the water is starting to form ice.
 Not quite enough snow to make a snowman yet but take the advise from one.
 Oh how I've seen people like this, not today though!
Enjoy your day with family and friends and have a very Merry Christmas!


WoolenSails said...

Fun seeing the lights in your area, need to get out and get photos in our area. I saw some last night on the way home from church, but i had turned off my phone, so didn't have time to get it back on and shoot some. We got a nice dusting ourselves and then the sun came out, so it turned out to be a good day.


Susan said...

I love that snowman poster! Another great post of photos - you take the best pics ever.

Anna said...

I love the effect of the out of focus Christmas lights :) Did my Santa package ever arrive?