Sunday, 2 July 2017

Canada Day Weekend on the Quay.

Happy Canada 150  Day plus 1.  I put a string of pennants with maple leaves across my deck.
 Some of my neighbours had full flags but they often flipped into the patios.
 Walking along the quay you can see many red and white flags.
 Even on the river.
 3 out of 4 condos in this building had flags on display.
 My friend Rita's display.
 Just after 10 p.m. the fireworks started.  I sat along the boardwalk as it was too crowded to progress any further.
 Love the tree outline being highlighted by the fireworks.
 The display went on for almost 20 minutes.
 This was a cool one.
 It's fun to see what you captured after the fact..
 At least you don't have to wait for film to be developed and printed.

 Love the red, green, and blue dots at the end of this showing.
 A group of smaller ones.
 Adding some red...
 Some of the crowd lined up along the railing.

 I think this is my favourite picture of the night.
 Along with this one.
 I headed back towards home and could see them over the trees.
 Love the multiple explosions.
 Red for our maple leaf flag.
 and white for the background.
 Getting ready for the finale.
 Layer on layer of explosions and smoke.

 Interesting shapes emerge.
 Almost done.
 Nope they keep on coming.
 So much red.
 This is getting noisy.
 I think this is almost it.
 A few smaller ones.
 A couple of bigger bangs.
 Yes this is the end.

 The roses have benefited from all the Spring rain we had.
 They are blooming like made in the courtyard.
 They are replacing the St. John's wort with grass in front of the condos.
 The roses are climbing all over the gazebo.
 I meant to share this, I got my mermaid stitched down onto the fish quilt just before the first day of summer.
Here is a picture of the whole fish quilt, still have a couple more ideas of things to add to it.
 The turtle got cut out of the picture when I added the First Day of Summer.
 I had lots of fun keeping that hair organized.
 Now she needs to have features added to complete her.
 This sketch started out about five or six inches high.  I managed to keep her details quite nicely.

 On June 30th I finished hand quilting and binding my Cinnia quilt.
 A few closer looks, you can see I extended the cut off petals and leaves with quilt lines.
 Love the cone flowers.
 This was all done with batiks.
 I did a diagonal grid in one direction behind everything.
 This was meant to be fused raw edge but I did freezer paper applique.
 I think it was this group of cone flowers that I saw Maria working on at The Cloth Shop in Vancouver that sold me on the BOM.
 I started this in 2011 and had all the blocks done and the top made by 2012 and then it sat and I'd quilt it now and then.
 Here is Maria's shop sample, I changed the layout as I miss cut some blocks.  I also framed it in the cream rather than the coloured triangles.
Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend and to my American friends and family have a Happy 4th of July on Tuesday.


Karen said...

Happy 150th!
The fabric you used for the mermaid bottom/fins is perfect!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Love the mermaid--so fun! Your quilting on the flower quilt is very nice--the perfect finishing touch!

Kyle said...

Your post is all about color, from the sky, on the ground and under the sea. The mermaid is great and the cinnia finish is perfect for summer.

KaHolly said...

Look up, look down, see my thumb.......remember that saying from childhood days? Well, no matter where you look in this post, there's beauty all around, including in your sewing room!